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  • Optional subjects for Civil Services examination
  • Best PCS GS course in India
  • Distance Learning Programme for IAS and Other Civil Services Aspirants
  • Test Series for IAS/PCS/HCS/HAS
  • Abhimanu GS courses for IAS prepration

General Studies "SMARTĀ COURSE" startting 1st Feb 2017 targetting IASĀ 2017 pre to be conducted in June 2017.

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# Course NameCourse CodeBatch TimingsDate/Duration Course AmountView Details Enroll
1PCS (GS+CSAT) Test SeriesPTGP/PTCSAT1----6000/-View DetailsEnroll Now

Test Series GS+CSAT

Study Material

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3PCS Test SeriesPTCSAT110am to 12pmNull3000/-View DetailsEnroll Now
4PCS Test SeriesPTGP2pm to 4pmNull5000/-View DetailsEnroll Now
5IAS Mains Post Pre 2016 Test SeriesITGM3 (2016)11:am to 2:pm21th Aug/ 4 months6000/-View DetailsEnroll Now
6IAS Mains Complete Mock Test Series (2017)ITGM3(2017)9:00AM to 12:00PM and 2:00 Pm to 5:00PM1 months Starting from 11 Oct. 20172000/-View DetailsEnroll Now
7IAS Mains Test Series (2017)ITGM2(2017)12:00 to 2:00 Pm5 months Starting from 6 July 20176000/-View DetailsEnroll Now
8IAS GS Pre Complete Mock Test Series 2017ITGP4(2017)2Pm: 4Pm1 Months (starting from 1st May 2017 )2000/-View DetailsEnroll Now
9 IAS GS Pre Test Series 2017ITGP3(2017)2Pm: 4Pm2 Months (starting from 1st March 2017 )4000/-View DetailsEnroll Now
10IAS GS Pre Test Series 2017ITGP2(2017)2Pm: 4Pm5 Months (starting from 1st Jan 2017 )5500/-View DetailsEnroll Now
11IAS GS Pre cum Mains Test Series 2017ITGP1/ITGM1-201712:00 to 2:pm and 2:00Pm to 4:00 Pm16 Months (starting from 15 Sep 2016 )13500/-View DetailsEnroll Now
12Combo Pack Test Series and Correspondence NotesSAHAS-I(IAS)12:00 to 2:pm and 2:00Pm to 4:00 Pm16 Months (starting from 15 Sep 2016 )18000/-View DetailsEnroll Now
13IAS GS Mains Test Series 2017ITGM1(2017)2Pm: 4Pm16 Months (starting from 15 Sep 2016 )12000/-View DetailsEnroll Now
14IAS GS Pre Test Series 2017ITGP1(2017)2Pm: 4Pm10 Months (starting from 16 Sep 2016 )5500/-View DetailsEnroll Now
15IAS Mains 2016 Test Series ITGM2(2016)12:00 to 2:00 Pm14 Months (starting from dec 2015 till nov 2016)12000/-View DetailsEnroll Now