Social Security Agreement between India and the Netherlands

28/6/2017 | India and the world | Europe |Read more

The Union Cabinet has approved Amendment of the bilateral Social Security Agreement (SSA) between India and the Netherlands by incorporating the “Coun ...

Antarctic Treaty

28/6/2017 | International Affairs | International Institutions |Read more

India, being among the countries that have acceded to the Antarctica Treaty, is expected to have a clear policy on the consequences of its activities ...

Cartosat-2 satellite

28/6/2017 | Science Affairs | Space |Read more

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launched earth observation satellite Cartosat-2 series and 30 co-passenger satellites from Sriharikota i ...

Thirty more Smart Cities

27/6/2017 | Economic Affairs | Infrastructure |Read more

Thirty more cities from across the country have been added to the Centre’s Smart Cities Mission, with a proposed investment of Rs.57,393 crore in vari ...

NATGRID can access PAN, I-T records

27/6/2017 | Security Issues | Internal Security |Read more

The Centre has empowered the National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID), the integrated mechanism to keep track of security-related data, to access the Inco ...

VAJRA (Visiting Advanced Joint Research Faculty’) scheme

26/6/2017 | Social Issues | Education |Read more

In a bid to bring together the Indian scientists abroad and India-based researchers for conducting joint researches in India, the Department of Scienc ...

RBI includes complaints against electronic banking services under ombudsman scheme

26/6/2017 | Economic Affairs | Financial System |Read more

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has allowed consumers to lodge complaints against banks for non-adherence to norms related to electronic banking servi ...

City Liveability Index

25/6/2017 | Economic Affairs | Infrastructure |Read more

Ministry of Urban Development has launched the ‘City Liveability Index’ for measuring the quality of life in 116 major cities including smart cities, ...

MERIT (Merit Order Despatch of Electricity for Rejuvenation of Income and Transparency)

25/6/2017 | Geography | Energy |Read more

A web portal- MERIT (Merit Order Despatch of Electricity for Rejuvenation of Income and Transparency) was launched by the Ministry of Power. The Porta ...


24/6/2017 | Science Affairs | Space |Read more

NASA’s Kepler mission team has released a survey of 219 potential exoplanets — planets outside of our solar system — that had been detected by the spa ...

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Khandagale Dhammapal Rank-1020 Year-2017 (IAS)
Dear Sir thank you for your warm wishes. I always had conviction in my abilities and the constant support and guidance from teachers and mentors like you helped me a lot in this strenuous journey , I would also like to thank you from the bottom of the heart for taking pains of providing questions on my DAF for personality test and sending me interview preparation book from Delhi to remote location of Latur in Maharastra. Once again thank you for helping me realize my dream.
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