Economic Survey 2015-16

Divesting in RBI to recapitalize banks

15/7/2016 | Economic Affairs | Banking |Read more

The Economic Survey 2015-16 put forth the argument that the Government of India could reduce its capital in the RBI from its current large level and u ...

Core sectors expand by 5.7%

3/4/2016 | Economic Affairs | Growth and development |Read more

Output from the eight core infrastructure industries grew at the fastest pace in 15 months, clocking a 5.7 per cent growth in February. Highlights Coa ...

Food Security

3/3/2016 | Economic Affairs | Food Management |Read more

The Economic Survey 2015-16 emphasizes that the main aim of food management policy is to provide food security to the population. Providing food secur ...

Economic Survey downgraded India's GDP growth rate for 2016

2/3/2016 | Economic Affairs | Growth and development |Read more

Economic Survey has pegged India's growth at 7-7.5% for the next fiscal year. The Survey puts 2015-16 GDP growth at 7.6% below its earlier expectation ...

Rich are benefiting from subsidies

1/3/2016 | Economic Affairs | Fiscal system |Read more

There is a need to remove subsidy anomaly in India where the well-off receive an implicit subsidy of more than ` 1 trillion. Taking into account small ...

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