“Constitutional Developments during British India played double role of creating vacuum and providing ventilation”. Comment

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1 Constitution of India

 The provision contained in part IV of constitution direct the state to gear its efforts towards making India welfare state by ensuring to its citizen social and economical democracy in an egalitarian society . Discuss how far state has seen able to accomplish this objective.

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 " The moral value of fundamental duties would be not to smoother rights but to establish a democratic balance by making the people conscious of their duties equally as they are conscious of their rights" Comment in the light of personal liberty debate.
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 “The only issue is the non-negotiable right to equality. Dragging in the uniform civil code is a deliberate attempt to obfuscate it.” Examine.
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Consensus and accomodation were the twin principles which dominated the debates of the Constituent Assembly - Austin. In the light of this statement, assess the performance of the Constituent Assembly in drafting the Constitution of India.
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Constitution are the heirs of the post of testators of the future. Comment!
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The complete study of a countrys constitution is not confined to its written provisions only. It is rather a study of its constitutional law. Comment!
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The Constitution & Constitutionalism an two different concepts. Merely having a constitution in a country does not necessarily mean that there will be a constitutionalism in that country. Comment!
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