• Insight : ISRO's Mega Satellite Launch

    2/15/2017 | Science Affairs |Space

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    Watch this video by LSTV to gain an insight on ISRO's Mega Satellite Launch.

    ISRO created history by launching a record 104 satellites and placing them in right orbit precisely in one go. It showcases the low cost innovation capability of ISRO. It also demonstrates the capabilities of ISRO in handling complex space missions professionally and providing world class satellite launching services to various countries and agencies. This remarkable feat by ISRO is yet another proud moment for our space scientific community and the nation.

    India's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, in its thirty ninth flight (PSLV-C37), launches Cartosat-2 series satellite for earth observation and 103 co-passenger satellites. PSLV-C37 was launched from the First Launch Pad (FLP) of Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) SHAR, Sriharikota.

    The co-passenger satellites comprised of 101 nano satellites, one each from Kazakhstan, Israel, The Netherlands, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and 96 from United States of America (USA), as well as two Nano satellites from India. The total weight of all these satellites carried on-board PSLV-C37 was about 1377 kg. PSLV-C37 also carried two ISRO Nano satellites (INS-1A and INS-1B), as co-passenger satellites.

    The 101 International customer Nano satellites were launched as part of the commercial arrangements between Antrix Corporation Limited (Antrix), a Government of India company under Department of Space (DOS),  the commercial arm of ISRO and the International customers.

    PSLV-C37/Cartosat-2 Series Satellite was successfully launched on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 9:28 Hrs IST from SDSC SHAR, Sriharikota.

  • The Big Picture - Electoral Bonds

    2/12/2017 | Indian Polity |Elections

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    In this Episode of “The Big Picture” on RSTV, the panel comprising of Vikas Singh (Former Additional Solicitor General of India), Noor Mohammad (Former Dy. Election Commissioner), A.K. Bhattacharya (Editorial Director, Business Standard) discuss the “Electoral Bonds”.

    Budget this year has introduced a new way for citizens to bond with their favourite political party. Electoral Bonds, which neither get you a tax exemption nor earn you interest, have been proposed as a way of reforming election funding.

    Electoral bonds will be issued by a notified bank for specified denominations. Citizens can buy these bonds by making payments digitally or through cheque and are then free to gift the bond to a registered political party. The bonds will likely be bearer bonds and the identity of the donor will not be known to the receiver.


  • Legal Point - Contempt of Court

    2/11/2017 | Indian Polity |Judiciary

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    In this Episode of “Legal Point” on LSTV, the panel comprising of Rajeev Sinha (Senior Journalist), Puneet Agrawal (Practicing Advocate, Supreme Court), and Justice Laxman Singh Solanki (Former Judge) discuss the “Contempt of Court” A seven-judge Bench of the seniormost judges of the Supreme Court, in an unprecedented move, issued contempt of court notice against sitting Calcutta HC judge C.S. Karnan for impeding justice administration and bringing discredit to the judicial institution of the country by writing scurrilous letters about sitting and retired judges.

  • Unified Payments Interface

    2/4/2017 | Economic Affairs |Financial System

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     Kindly refer to current affairs section for more information on this topic

  • Why are the tribals in India referred to as 'the Scheduled Tribes'?Indicate the major provisions enshrined in the Constitution of Indiafor their upliftment.

    2/17/2017 | Writing Structure |Qchat

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     The framer of constitution wanted assimilate tribes into constitutional framework without interfering into their customs and traditions. For this purpose they classified tribal communities under Article 366 and Article 342 of constitution, this classification is known as Schedule tribes.

    While ensuring their cultural integrity, the constitution for following provision for their upliftment-

    • Provision for reservation in general (article 14(4)) and in particular, in jobs and appointments in favour of tribal communities (article 16(4)) ensure their presence in the administration which work for their betterment.
    • Representation in Parliament and state legislatures (articles 330 and 332), it ensure that they have their say in polity making.
    • Learning from the colonial experience and protecting their source of livelihood constitution provide for restriction on the right of the ordinary citizen to move freely or settle in particular areas or acquire property in them (article19(5)).
    • Besides these, there are provisions in the 5th or 6th schedule of the Constitution (Articles 244 and 244(a) that empower the state to bring the area inhabited by the tribes under special treatment of administration for their specific requirements of development.
    • Directive Principle of the Constitution that requires that the educational and economic rights of tribes, is especially promoted (Article 46)

    To complement the constitutional provisions various has also been enacted. But their holistic upliftment can only be ensured through effective legal, administrative, infrastructure and financial support

  • "An essential condition to eradicate poverty is to liberate the poor from the process of deprivation". Substantiate this statement with suitable examples

    2/17/2017 | Writing Structure |Qchat

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     Poverty is described as inability of a person to realize certain minimum basic level of consumption. According to AmartyaSen ‘’ Poverty is caused by deprivation which result from the lack rather than low income itself.’’

    The following are the various deprivation which if removed will itself eradicate poverty.-

    • Elementary education- It is regarded as greatest gift which can empower an individual. For example- If poor child is educated it will help him to secure job in a economy which require skilled workers. This will help his whole family to break the vicious cycle of poverty.
    • Health Care facilities-In India expenses on medical emergency can push many family back into poverty as we do not have Universal Health Insurance facility. If they are provided with adequate health care facility which can reduce out of pocket expenses it will reduce recurrence of poverty.
    • Water and Sanitation- A family which do not have access to quality water and sanitation facilities will be more prone to disease. If earning member is ill it way cause hunger and abject poverty in family.
    • Political power- If proper representation is not provided to poor it will deprive them of policy support like economic and social entitlements.

    So, it is more important to work on causes of poverty rather than its symptoms for curing this disease of poverty.

  • "India is today more liberalised with respect to entry than even some developed countries. However, less progress has been made in relation to exit". Elaborate.

    2/17/2017 | Writing Structure |Qchat

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    •  Government has taken various initiatives & policy measures like from LPG reforms in 1991 to recent flagship programme of "Make in India", Start Up India, Mudra Bank, etc to facilitate the entry of new firms, new ideas, new technologies & new entrepreneurs, however, least has been done to make the exit easy.
    • Impeded exit has substantial fiscal, economic, and political costs. The barrier to exit is not only exists in public sector and manufacturing, but the private sector and agriculture also.
    • Various permission & approval from regulatory bodies are required for closing a firm. There is no comprehensive bankruptcy law in existence, multiple laws governs the process. This cause huge delay in final closing of unviable business. Impact is deterioration of assets, loss of market opportunity, locking of capital & loss of investors' confidence.
    • If the locked capital in loss making units could be released easily, it could go to profit making ventures, for example, a VCD making firm which was profitable and promising 10 years has no future, due to arrival of alternate media in form of pen-drives. If we would not allow the firm involved in CD production to close the unit, how would he be able to invest in a profitable venture of today, say pen-drive.
    • But it is not allowed in most cases, because of archaic labor laws, which require golden handshakes and golden parachutes. Similarly, the entrepreneurial talent is lost in red-tape meanwhile. Apart from these issues, sometimes closing down a unit is not possible, because it provide a service which large number of people use, for example; a) If problem is analyzed with respect to Public sector, fertilizer manufacturing firms are most affected by it. Subsidy to farmers which predominantly benefits large farmers-cannot be reduced/ eliminated, because of exit problem, as it would contain political costs. ; b) Many central organizations like BSNL, Air India were running in heavy losses for quite a long time & government is paying hefty amount of public money to keep these running. Due to political & policy reasons, government is not able to close them down. Most important of them is employees' concern and protest.
    • However, a number of solutions to facilitate exit are possible. The government's initiatives including the new bankruptcy law, rehabilitation of stalled projects, proposed changes to the Prevention of Corruption Act as well as the broader JAM agenda hold the promise of facilitating exit, and could provide a significant boost to long-run efficiency and growth.
    • As per TK vishwanathan committee, the easy exit option will give the entrepreneurs a viable choice to start. However the investment climate would also get a boost and would further strengthen the stability of the economy.

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