What are the security problems of India with special reference to Jammu and Kashmir?

11/26/2016| Views(103 ) | Writing Structure |Qchat

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After the death of Burhan Wani there is a series of violent protests in the Kashmir Valley. This led to the direct Indo-Pakistan confrontation both on domestic and international front.

Pakistan is a pseudo democracy with multiple power centres. India has done its best to resolve its differences with Pakistan. Till now India has followed a policy of strategic restraint, but after regime change in India in 2014, there is clear shift from defensive to offensive defence in Indian Policy.

There is possibilty of invisble hand which is/are infleuncing Pakistani policy and exists both internally and externally.

After so many years ,India has not been able to win over the trust of Jammu and kashmir people. There is need to change Indian government stance towards kashmiri people.

There is also a need to further strenghten our cyber security, border management, inclusive development in insurgency hit areas.  

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