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Civil services interview require an indepth analysis of one own personal biodata. This facility provides the candidate an opportunity to know the most likely questions, which may be asked by the board. Normally the interview starts with some questions on biodata. If the answers to such questions are prepared before hand , candidate feels comfortable in the interview. At abhimanu 20 years of experience is now available to assist you in this important ocassion. Just upload your DAF on the link given above and a list of probable question with most probable openings will reach you in 72 hours.

Recent Current Affairs

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      NDMA prepares States to deal with Heat Wave 2017

      A national workshop on Preparation of Heat Wave Action Plan was recently organised in Hyderabad . Discussions were held with ...

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      Fourth series of Sovereign Gold Bonds

      The government is set to issue series IV sovereign gold bond scheme on 17 March. For distribution of the bonds, commission sh...

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      Ministry of Urban Development has approved development of 6 km long Bet Dwarka Darshan Circuit in Gujarat at a cost of Rs.16....

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      WHO Assessment on National Regulatory Authority of India

      The National Regulatory Authority of India (NRAI) has been given the maximum ratings by global health body World Health Organ...

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      Border Wall

      The Centre has given up its proposal to build a wall along the Pakistan border in Jammu, originally envisaged as a barrier to...

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      Spitzer Space Telescope

      NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has revealed the first known system of seven Earth-size planets around a single star. Three of...

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      Economic survey on Health and Fertility

      According to economic survey 2016-17, despite overall growth, there is a striking evidence of divergence or widening gaps in ...

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      Multilateral FIs allowed investing in ‘masala bonds’

      The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has permitted multilateral and regional financial institutions to invest in rupee-denominated...

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      Project Loon

      Researchers at Google have moved a step closer to rolling out a network of huge balloons to provide Internet connectivity to ...

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      Engineers have developed a thermally conductive, stretchable rubber (dubbed “thubber”) that could open new doors in the pursu...