12/10/2017 | Indian History | 1857-1885 Level(3)

revolt of 1857

 The transfer of power that occurred after the revolt of 1857 from East India to Crown, was significant or formal ?write your answer with suitable examples. ...View/Post-Answer

12/10/2017 | Indian History | 1857-1947 Level(2)

Drain of wealth theory

 Drain of wealth theory contributed to the emergence of Indian Nationalism .analyse critically ...View/Post-Answer

12/10/2017 | Science Affairs | Information Technology Level(1)

Emerging technologies

The Internet of Things is emerging as the next technology mega-trend, with repercussions across the business spectrum. Discuss various applications & scope of this technology in everyday life. ...View/Post-Answer

12/8/2017 | Environment and Ecology | Pollution Level(2)


Why are microbeads considered harmful for the environment? Discuss various measures taken at national & international level to check their use? ...View/Post-Answer

12/6/2017 | Environment and Ecology | Climate Level(2)

Summits & Conventions

What do you understand by term 'Pre-2020 actions'? Critically analyse key outcomes of recently concluded Conference of Parties in Bonn (COP23). ...View/Post-Answer

12/6/2017 | Environment and Ecology | Agriculture Level(1)

Environment acts & regulations

Discuss economic & environmental impact of recently approved Indian Forest (Amendment) Ordinance 2017. ...View/Post-Answer

12/6/2017 | Science Affairs | Science and Technology Level(2)

Robotics & AI

Will future humanoids with "rational mind and intellect" complement the humans' creative and flexible ideas or overpower humans & spell the end of human race? Critically comment. ...View/Post-Answer

12/3/2017 | Indian History | 1905-1920 Level(2)

swadeshi movement

 Critically examine the cultural importance of Swadeshi movement. ...View/Post-Answer

11/29/2017 | Economic Affairs | Planning in India Level(2)


 Is capitalism as an ideology of growth and development sufficient? What are the necessary ideological shifts for a developing country in the present context? ...View/Post-Answer

11/29/2017 | Economic Affairs | Planning in India Level(2)

Developmental Ideologies

 Compare and contrast the gandhian and Nehruvian models of development and economic thought? ...View/Post-Answer

11/24/2017 | Security Issues | Internal Security Level(2)

Internal Security

 Mobicide or lynching by mob coupled with stone pelting and violent protests have added a new dimension and challenge to India’s internal security. Discuss. ...View/Post-Answer

11/24/2017 | Security Issues | External Security Level(2)


 The major cause of extremism is poverty and discrimination. How far this statement is true in context of Syrian crisis? ...View/Post-Answer

11/24/2017 | Geography | Disasters Level(2)

Disaster Management

A liberal Indus Water Treaty (IWT) 1960 would have saved all riparian lands from flooding. Monsoon cannot bother if joint Indus river basin management across the boundaries against all feasibilities, has been enforced, critically analyse. ...View/Post-Answer

11/24/2017 | Geography | Disasters Level(3)

Disaster Management

 Enlist the reasons for the annual Brahmaputra valley flooding, what steps can be suggested to curtail recurrent phenomenon of widespread flooding? ...View/Post-Answer

11/24/2017 | Geography | Disasters Level(3)

Disaster Management

Himalayan rivers bring tremendous sediment, choke the flow and breach natural levees, cause widespread of marooning of piedmont villages, year 2017 has seen widespread flooding, discuss the geography behind the problem and what steps can be beseeched to control universal flooding of Gangetic basin. ...View/Post-Answer

11/22/2017 | Indian History | Socio-religious reform Movements Level(3)

 Compare the teachings of Arya  samaj and Brahma samaj ,and critically examamine which had the more influence on Indian society. ...View/Post-Answer

11/20/2017 | Indian History | 1857-1947 Level(2)

Ideology of Freedom struggle

 Discuss the changing methods in freedom struggle from the foundation of INC to 1947. ...View/Post-Answer

11/19/2017 | Indian History | 1921-1932 Level(2)

 Why swaraj party was founded ,discuss its place in freedom struggle and how far it was successful ? ...View/Post-Answer

11/17/2017 | Indian History | GS Paper-I Level(3)

" Absentee landlordism was a consequential feature of bengal's permanent land settlement".comment ...View/Post-Answer

11/17/2017 | World History | American Revolution Level(3)

 The American revolution "was a natural and even expected event in the history of colonial people who had come of age".comment ...View/Post-Answer

11/16/2017 | World History | Industrial revolution Level(2)

Industrial revolution

Industrial revolution first came in England ,how the Industrial revolution changed England in character and culture?discuss ...View/Post-Answer

11/15/2017 | World History | World War I Level(2)

 How far Germany was responsible for the world war -1 ,give your answer with suitable example. ...View/Post-Answer

11/15/2017 | World History | Ideologies Level(3)

 Both Nazism and fascism were the after result of the world war -1,both had some similarities but we can not ignore their differences,elaborate. ...View/Post-Answer

11/15/2017 | World History | World War I Level(2)

 Balkan wars played an Important role in bringing first world war nearer. Comment. ...View/Post-Answer

11/13/2017 | Science Affairs | Space Level(1)


What do you understand by term ‘Cryogenics’? Discuss significance of cryogenic technology for Indian space programme? ...View/Post-Answer

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