Critically examine the political situation of India during the quit India movement. Higfhlight different ideologies governing the india's struggle for independence during this period.
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Critically Examine the importance of quit India movement and how this movement paved the way for Iindia's independence. Will it be appropriate to term it "decisive Movement" ?
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 Quit India Movement prove to be a metaphor. Critically analyze

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 The mixing of Khilafat issue with the Non-Cooperation Movement was an unwise decision. Elucidate.
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Discuss the factors and circumstances that led to the partition of India.
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Even though the Wavell Plan failed to achieve its goal; it led to Jinnah’s victory. How?
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The August Offer, the Cripps Mission Proposals and the Cabinet Mission Plan displayed the same line of thought as well as gradual progression of the British mindset. Elaborate.
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 Enlist the key features of the Cabinet Mission Plan. Why it rejected the idea of Pakistan?
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  “The Quit India Movement was the last major episode to make sure that the British rule will come to an end in India”. Justify.
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Discuss the main grounds for the rejection of Cripps proposals by the Congress.
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How far the INA Trials were responsible in giving a rude shock to British imperialism in India?
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The partition of India became inevitable due to a combination of factors. Elucidate.
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The failure of Shimla conference (Wavell Plan) marks breakdown in Indian political history. Comment.
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Discuss the implications of quit India movement in indian freedom struggle.
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