7/1/2018 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

Scientists have identified a gene that improves the heat tolerance of the algae that live symbiotically with coral species, and could potentially help ...

Nod for GM mustard

29/10/2017 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) has cleared the controversial transgenic mustard, DMH-11, for commercial cultivation. About GM Mustard: ...

Expert group for suggestions on artificial intelligence policy

21/10/2017 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

The Union ministry of electronics and information technology has set up an internal committee to advise the government on a policy on artificial intel ...

Embryo Transfer Technology (ETT)

6/10/2017 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

In a bid to conserve indigenous breed of cattle, the government has undertaken a Mass Embryo Transfer programme in Indigenous Breeds under the scheme, ...

DNA Fingerprinting Bill

3/8/2017 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

Law Commission of India released a revised draft of the Bill that is now called The DNA Based Technology (Use and Regulation) Bill, 2017 with some ver ...

Artificial intelligence (AI)

3/8/2017 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

There is a possible threat that artificial intelligence (AI) might one day pose to the human race. With the help of artificial intelligence, computers ...

Flexible bio-glue for wound healing developed

3/8/2017 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

Scientists have developed a super strong, flexible adhesive material inspired by the glue secreted by slugs that sticks to biological tissues – even w ...

GM mustard policy

20/7/2017 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

The government has informed the Supreme Court that a policy decision on the commercial release of the Genetically Modified (GM) mustard crop is yet to ...

BIO International Convention

23/6/2017 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

The Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) BIO 2017 was held in the San Diego Convention Centre, San Diego. India is also participating in this s ...

Indian researchers develop 3D bio printed cartilage

1/6/2017 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

Indian researchers have been able to achieve a measure of success in developing cartilages that are molecularly similar to the ones seen in human knee ...

CRISPR Variant Produces Tuberculosis-Resistant Cows

3/2/2017 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

A team of researchers from China has successfully utilized an innovative form of the genome-editing technique CRISPR to insert a new gene into the cow ...

World’s first stable semi-synthetic organism

30/1/2017 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

Life's genetic code has only ever contained four natural bases which have simply been rearranged to create bacteria and butterflies, penguins and peop ...

G Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCRs)

5/1/2017 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

Researchers have shown that the regulation of G Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) by new drugs can be simpler than generally thought — it can be media ...

Mitochondrial gene therapy (MGT)

1/12/2016 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

An independent panel of British scientists and experts has formally given nod to introduce so-called three-parent baby fertility treatments or mitocho ...

Scientists fix fractures with 3D-printed synthetic bone

27/11/2016 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

Scientists have successfully treated broken spines and skulls in animals using 3D-printed synthetic bone, opening the possibility of future personaliz ...

Scientists tweak photosynthesis to up crop yield

24/11/2016 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

Scientists have successfully tweaked the process of photosynthesis to make it more efficient and increase plant productivity by raising the level of t ...

Biotech- KISAN

29/10/2016 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

Biotech-KISAN is a new programme that empowers farmers, especially women farmers. Cash crops and horticulture can be a major source of income but the ...

Protein-rich rice developed

22/10/2016 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

Researchers from Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya (IGKV),Chattisgarh have developed a protein-enriched rice variety. They had worked for seven yea ...

Human hair used to produce cheaper cathodes for solar cells

15/10/2016 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) in Kolkata have used human hair to produce cost-effective, metal-free ca ...

Supreme Court stays commercial release of GM mustard

12/10/2016 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

The Supreme Court stayed the commercial release of the genetically modified (GM) variety of mustard till October 17, on a petition that this could hav ...

Scientists develop new laser from jellyfish proteins

26/8/2016 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

Fluorescent proteins from jellyfish that were grown in bacteria have been used to create a laser for the first time. The breakthrough represents a maj ...

GM mustard trials

18/8/2016 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

The Central Information Commission (CIC) has directed the environment ministry to reveal safety data regarding trials of genetically modified (GM) mus ...

Deep Brain Stimulator

15/8/2016 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences & Technology (SCTIMST), Thiruvananthapuram have agreed to join ha ...

Endosulfan causes DNA damage in animals

10/8/2016 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

A research team of IISc, Bengaluru revealed that endosulfan breaks in DNA strands and disturbs the damage response mechanism found in cells, which lea ...

Nano – DLD( Nanoscale deterministic lateral displacement)

6/8/2016 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

IBM has developed lab-on a-chip technology called nanoscale deterministic lateral displacement (nano-DLD) to be used to carry out test for prostate ca ...

Human Genetic Editing

5/8/2016 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

Chinese scientists will perform the world’s first genetic editing trial on humans , in an attempt to find a cure for lung cancer. A group of oncologis ...


3/6/2016 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

An article published in 2012, revealed a simple method allowing scientists to tinker, at will, with the genomes of animals and plants. It threw open t ...


16/5/2016 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

More than 25 million years ago, a virus infected primates and left some genetic material behind. Many such viral genes were passed on to future genera ...

Next-Generation DNA Sequencing

11/5/2016 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

The UK’s first baby resulting from an embryo that was screened using next-generation DNA sequencing has been born in Oxford. This method uses a revolu ...

3D printing could help fix damaged cartilage in knees

25/3/2016 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

Researchers have found a way to produce cartilage tissue by 3-D bioprinting, an ink containing human cells, and they have successfully tested it in an ...

Bt Cotton Crop Failing To Resist Pests

19/3/2016 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

There is over 80 % damage of Bt cotton fields in Raichur district , which is destroyed by pink bollworm. However, Bt cotton producers, in the instruct ...


14/3/2016 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

Desensitisation ‘Desensitisation’ of the immune system, is a new method that has the potential to save many lives and could mean a crucial difference ...

Bacteria found to eat PET plastics could help do the recycling

13/3/2016 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

Ideonella sakaiensis, A bacterium species capable of breaking down plastic has been identified by the scientists. The bacterium seems to feed exclusiv ...

Stem Cell Therapy In India

12/2/2016 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

Haematopoietic “stem” cells are a special type of cells present in the bone marrow, the soft tissue inside bones. These cells have the potential to de ...

GM mustard

8/2/2016 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

The Genetic Engineering Approval Committee(GEAC) has deferred granting commercial approval to a genetically-modified mustard. The Genetic Engineering ...

3-D printing method to make embryonic stem cells

7/11/2015 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

Researchers from Tsinghua University in Beijing, China and Drexel University in Philadelphia developed a method to 3D-print the “building blocks ...


6/9/2015 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

With the demand for milk in India projected to reach 200 million tons (MT) by 2021-22, the country's premier dairy research institute is looking a ...

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