Economic survey 2016-17

Fiscal Developments: Economic Survey 2016-17

25/8/2017 | Economic Affairs | Fiscal system

The fiscal outcome of the Central Government in 2016-17 was marked by strong growth in tax revenue, sustenance of the pace of capital spending and a c ...

Economic Survey 2016-17: Monetary Management and Financial Inter-mediation And Prices and Inflation

24/8/2017 | Economic Affairs | Monetary Policy

Monetary Management and Financial Intermediation The Reserve Bank of India cut the policy rate by 50 basis points during 2016-17. However, it shifted ...

Economic Survey 2016-17: Agriculture and Food Management

23/8/2017 | Economic Affairs | Agriculture

Managing and reducing the various risks in agriculture activities can make the sector resilient, increase profitability and can ensure stable income f ...

Economic Survey 2016-17: Service Sector

20/8/2017 | Economic Affairs | Service Sector

The services sector remains the key driver of India’s economic growth, contributing almost 62 per cent of its gross value added growth in 2016-17. How ...

Economic Survey 2016-17: External Sector

18/8/2017 | Economic Affairs | External Sector

India’s balance of payments situation which was benign and comfortable during 2013-14 to 2015-16, further improved in 2016-17, as a result of low and ...

Economic Survey 2016-17: Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Energy

16/8/2017 | Environment and Ecology | Sustainable Development

India ratified the Paris Agreement on 2nd October, 2016. India’s actions for the post-2020 period are based on its Nationally Determined Contribution ...

Economic survey 2016-17: Industry and Infrastructure

15/8/2017 | Economic Affairs | Infrastructure

Industrial performance has shown a moderation from 8.8 percent during 2015-16 to 5.6 percent in 2016-17. Industrial growth as per Index of Industrial ...

Objectives of Demonetization

22/5/2017 | Economic Affairs | Financial System

Objectives of Demonetization Demonetisation is a radical unprecedented step by the Government to seize the status of 500 and 1000 currency notes. The ...

Impact of Demonetisation

21/5/2017 | Economic Affairs | Financial System

Short term impact Stock of black money fell, as some holders came into the tax net Private sector wealth declined, since some high denomination notes ...

Universal Basic income: Economic Survey 2016-17

20/5/2017 | Economic Affairs | Poverty

Guiding Principles of Setting up UBI Define the non-deserving based on ownership of Key assets (for instance a person owing automobile or Air Conditio ...

India’s constitutional provisions that favour creation of GST

19/5/2017 | Economic Affairs | Tax System

India’s constitutional provisions that favour creation of GST : Article 301 establishes the fundamental principle that India must be a common market: ...

Industrial, corporate and Infrastructure sectors

18/5/2017 | Economic Affairs | Industry

The Index of Industrial Production (IIP) which is a volume index with base year of 2004-05 has shown a modest growth of 0.4 percent. The index compris ...

Agriculture and Food Management : Economic Survey 2016-17

17/5/2017 | Economic Affairs | Agriculture

During the South West Monsoon Season (June-September) of the country as a whole received rainfall which was 97 per cent of its long period average (LP ...

Urban Local Bodies (ULBs)

16/5/2017 | Indian Polity | Panchayati Raj

The 74th Constitutional Amendment Act of India lays the foundation for a sustainable Urban Governance System in the Country. It has led to the formati ...

Special Category Status

15/5/2017 | Economic Affairs | Financial System

The concept for first introduced in 1969 to provide disadvantaged states with preferential in the form of centralassistance and tax breaks. The states ...

Monetary Management

14/5/2017 | Economic Affairs | Monetary Policy

The Government amended the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934 to provide for inflation targeting once in every Five years and provide for a statutory con ...

The Role Of Apparel And Leather In Low Skill Manufacturing

13/5/2017 | Economic Affairs | Industry

India needs to generate jobs that are formal , productive, have the potential for broader social transformations and can generate exports and growth. ...

Improvements in MGNREGA: Economic Survey 2016-17

12/5/2017 | Economic Affairs | Rural Development

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) is the largest social security scheme in the world that guarantees 100 days of unskil ...

External Sector: Economic Survey 2016-17

11/5/2017 | Economic Affairs | External Sector

External Sector: Economic Survey 2016-17 The current account deficit has declined to reach about 0.3 percent of GDP in the first half of FY2017 The tr ...

Reasons of failure to curb NPAs

10/5/2017 | Economic Affairs | Financial System

Loss recognition : The Asset Quality Review was meant to force banks to recognise the true state of their balance sheets. However banks still continue ...

Measures taken by RBI for resolution of NPAs: Economic Survey 2016-17

8/5/2017 | Economic Affairs | Financial System

Measures taken by RBI for resolution of NPAs 5/25 rule of refinancing of Infrastructure : This scheme offered a larger window for revival of stressed ...

Universal Basic Income

7/5/2017 | Economic Affairs | Poverty

Even after three decades of sustained economic growth and a proliferation of welfare schemes, roughly one in three Indians still live below the povert ...

Climate Change and Economic Survey: 2016-17

2/5/2017 | Environment and Ecology | Climate

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) adopted the historic Paris Agreement in 2015 which brings all nations into a common cau ...

Migration and Economic Survey 2016-17

1/5/2017 | Geography | Migration

Historically, migration of people for working education has been a phenomenon that accompanies the structural transformations of economies and has pav ...

DTAA amendments with Singapore, Mauritius and Cyprus

29/4/2017 | Economic Affairs | External Sector

India has amended its over two-decade old tax treaty with Singapore that will allow it to tax capital gains on investments from the South East Asian n ...

Eight Interesting Facts about India: Economic Survey 2016-17

28/4/2017 | Economic Affairs | Fiscal system

Indians on The Move New estimates based on railway passenger traffic data reveal annual work-related migration of about 9 million people, almost doubl ...

Economic survey on Health and Fertility

23/2/2017 | Governance Issues | Health

According to economic survey 2016-17, despite overall growth, there is a striking evidence of divergence or widening gaps in income as well as consump ...

Economic Survey on Employment

20/2/2017 | Economic Affairs | Unemployment

According to Economic survey 2016-17, in order to exploit the demographic dividend and meet the growing aspiration of those entering the labor force, ...

Smaller states and Trade

19/2/2017 | Economic Affairs | Financial System

According to Economic Survey, Smaller States such as Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Goa trade more, while the net exporters are the manufacturing p ...

India’s twin balance sheet problem

18/2/2017 | Economic Affairs | Financial System

Economic Survey 2016-17 devotes an entire section to the twin balance sheet problem of stressed corporates and banks. A solution to the NPA problem mu ...

Universal Basic Income

17/2/2017 | Economic Affairs | Poverty

One of the key take away from the Economic Survey 2017-18 is the mention of Universal Basic Income, a concept that has been in currency recently. Abou ...

Economic Survey wants modification of FRBM Act

5/2/2017 | Economic Affairs | Fiscal system

India has “changed utterly” over the last 13 years since the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) was enshrined in law for prudent fisca ...

Labour migration

2/2/2017 | Economic Affairs | Fiscal system

According to Economic survey 2016-17, Inter-state migration of workers in India has increased substantially to 90 lakh annually between 2011-16 compar ...

Economic Survey 2016-17

1/2/2017 | Economic Affairs | Planning in India

India’s economic growth has been pegged at 6.5 per cent for the current fiscal, down from 7.6 per cent recorded in the last financial year, but is exp ...

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