Globally the nations are entering into more and more bilateral and regional trade and investment agreements. What could be the reason behind such a trend? Also, in this context, discuss the relevance of multilateral institutions like WTO in today's world.
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 What do you understand by Trade Facilitation Agreement? What could be the possible impacts on Indian economy arising out of this agreement? Discuss.
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Discuss the interplay of multilateral trade regimes and their effect on Indian economy. Is the world today moving towards neo-mercantilism? Highlight the recent trends in this regard.
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 Decision taken by WTO affects countries in the world. Explain the impact on developing and developed countries in regard.

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 "Government of India is taking praiseworthy steps for the expansion of Trade". Critically examine the potentials in Foreign Trade in the light of Foreign Trade Policy (2015-2020).

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Discuss the salient features of current foreign trade policy of India.
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Examine the causes of Rupee depreciation in India in the recent past. What steps are taken by RBI to control depreciation?
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Discuss the trends in Indias Balance of Payments in the last few years.
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The DOHA Round has failed to deliver results because of the deadlock between the developed and developing nations regarding agriculture subsidies. Explain
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According to Tarapore Committee there are certain pre conditions that need to be ensured before allowing full capital account convertibility in India. Elaborate.
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Over the years, India has had a positive balance in its revenue in the capital account. But the same has not been witnessed in the current account. Analyze
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12 Why is FDI considered to be better source of foreign capital as compared to FPI?
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13 Recently government has clarified its policy on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in e-commerce and online retail consumer businesses that operate as marketplaces. This move is likely to harm big e commerce players like flipkart, amazon along with consumer. Critically analyse
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14 India could loose bargaining chip to secure its interests by signing Trade facilitation agreement so early. Critically analyse.
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15 India has submitted the instrument of ratification of the trade facilitation agreement (TFA) to the World Trade Organization. Critically analyse this step of India.
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16 World economic growth is continuosly on decline. This decline is not only harming developed countries but also developing countries except India. What are the reason behind stability in Indian economy and what can be the future consequence of world economy decline on India.
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