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Science and Tech. 11 Lectures

 Online Class Lectures on Environment and Ecology

Course comprehensively cover Environment and Ecology as per syllabus   

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Lecture 1
Science and technology : Introduction to S&T, defence

Understanding syllabus & trends, Achievements in science-tech in ancient, medieval & modern India. IGMDP, classification of missiles, developments in military

By- Vivek Rana

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Lecture 2
Science and technology : defence

Developments in airforce, navy, indigenization trends, defence exercises, current affairs

By- Vivek Rana

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Lecture 3
Science and technology : Space

Indian space programme (Chronology, objectives), Types of orbits & satellites, Launch vehicles, Current missions, Applications of space/remote sensing technology for socio-economic development

By- Vivek Rana

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Lecture 4
science and technology : Space & Contemporary scientists

Role of IRNSS, Outer planetary missions, Chandrayaan, Mangalyaan, contributions of Indian scientists post independence

By- Vivek Rana

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Lecture 5
science and technology : Robotics & AI

Introduction to Robotics, characteristics, applications, recent trends, Indian examples, robotic surgery, AI concept, applications & concerns

By- Vivek Rana

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Lecture 6
science and technology : Nuclear energy

Fission & Fusion concept, components of nuclear reactor, India’s nuclear development programme, Research reactors, Operational & upcoming nuclear reactors, Nuclear energy debate

By- Vivek Rana

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Lecture 7
science and technology : Nuclear energy & Ocean research

Worst nuclear disasters, NPT, India’s nuclear doctrine, Evolution of oceanic research, Important research stations & vessels, Arctic council, scientific objectives of oceanic research

By- Vivek Rana

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Lecture 8
science and technology : Biotechnology

Introduction to biotechnology, genetic engineering, recombinant DNA technology, Gene therapy, applications, transgenic plants, GM crop debate

By- Vivek Rana

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Lecture 9
science and technology : Biotechnology

Stem cells-concept, types, applications & controversy, Cloning, IVF, Surrogacy issue in India

By- Vivek Rana

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Lecture 10
science and technology : Computers & Nanotechnology

Supercomputers, trends in computing, Role of nanotechnology in 21st century, Nanotechnology in India, Concerns/challenges in nanotech

By- Vivek Rana

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Lecture 11
science and technology : Medicine & Health

Anti-microbial resistance, MDR-TB, Types of diseases, Control strategy for spread of fatal infectious diseases, Critical review of National Health Policy 2017

By- Vivek Rana

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