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Seminar on Success in Civil Services Exam

5 things you should Know for becoming IAS/PCS

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Abhimanu IAS needs no introduction, with a long history of 19 years and over 1150+ selections, it is a household name for Civil services prepration. We have bagged first ranks in HAS/PCS/HCS and 10 selections in in 10 top 10 in UPSC exam. Civil Service are also known as back bone of India's development. The Civil Services of India runs the entire administration of the country. The elected ministers of India lay down the policies required to properly run the administrative machinery, which is then carried out by the civil servants in various central government agencies.In the eyes of a common man District Collector is the government. Civil Services are as old as our civilization. Civilizations sustain due to the timely and effective provisions of civil services. Most probably, Civil Services as a career started with the monetization of the economic system or earlier when the barter system was in existence.

These civil servants are selected through the Civil Services Examination (CSE), the nationwide competitive examination in India. There are state civil services like HAS also which are conducted by state civil services commission. 

Various doubts/Myths regarding the following will be cleared

  • About various type of civil services. ( union and state)
  • Whether i have the capability?
  • How much time is required?
  • What is the pattern of examination and broad strategy of prepration?
  • How to read newspapers and magazines?

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 25th June


 11 am-12 noon



 Contact : 9501130749

Abhimanu IAS,

SCO no. 22,Third Floor,Harchand Singh Longowal Nagar, Near Mini Sectraite ,Chandigarh Road, Hoshiarpur


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