Vector-borne diseases menace in India

2/23/2018 | Science Affairs | Health

From the 17th through the early 20th century, vector-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever, plague and typhus routinely wreak havoc on ...

Economic impact of climate change on agriculture

2/19/2018 | Economic Affairs | Agriculture

Estimating the impact of temperature and climate on agriculture has become an increasing focus of economic research. Many of the concerns relate to de ...


2/19/2018 | Economic Affairs | Economic Survey 2017-18

The first order fact about the developing world today is that this is an era of unprecedented prosperity. And that is true about India too which has b ...

Continental system and downfall of Napolean

2/18/2018 | World History | French Revolution

After his Navy was destroyed at Trafalgar in 1805, Napoleon realized that if his empire was ever going to be secure, he would have to defeat Britain. ...

Do we need a presidential system?

2/17/2018 | Indian Polity | Basic Features of constitution

It is argued by some section of the society that the political system in India was created based entirely on British parliamentary democracy and their ...

Fiscal federalism and governance challenges

2/16/2018 | Indian Polity | Federalism

The age of centralisation is receding fast. There is a distinct swing of the pendulum towards democratic decentralisation. Liberal democracy has faile ...

Where are Panchayats in the cooperative federalism equation of the GST

2/16/2018 | Indian Polity | Fiscal system

The ultimate means of reaching Good Governance is participative democracy, and the first stepping stone in this direction is reinstitutionlisation of ...

India State of Forest Report (ISFR) 2017

2/14/2018 | Environment and Ecology | Biodiversity

Forest and tree cover in India has increased by nearly 1% since 2015 to 802,088 or about 24.39% of the country’s total geographical area (GA), s ...

Understanding India's temporary decoupling

2/13/2018 | Economic Affairs | Planning in India

Until early 2016, India’s growth had been accelerating when growth in other countries was decelerating. But then the converse happened. The world econ ...

Lessons from 2017-18

2/13/2018 | Economic Affairs | Planning in India

The economic survey in its opening section has observed certain uderlying issues and lessons to be learnt from them in the working of India's politico ...

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Khandagale Dhammapal
Khandagale Dhammapal Rank-1020 Year-2017 (IAS)
Dear Sir thank you for your warm wishes. I always had conviction in my abilities and the constant support and guidance from teachers and mentors like you helped me a lot in this strenuous journey , I would also like to thank you from the bottom of the heart for taking pains of providing questions on my DAF for personality test and sending me interview preparation book from Delhi to remote location of Latur in Maharastra. Once again thank you for helping me realize my dream.
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    Fatehabad villages to have community reserves

    Fatehabad district will soon have three community reserves — protected areas for wildlife — as panchayats of Dhangar, Dhani M...

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    Atal doctrine

    The J&K government has asked the Centre to revisit former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s doctrine to defuse tension wi...

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    Pakistan added to FATF grey-list

    The global money laundering watchdog FATF or the Financial Action Task Force has decided to put Islamabad back on its terrori...

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    Sale of Electoral bonds to begin

    The first sale of electoral bonds will start from March 1 for a period of 10 days at four main branches of State Bank of Indi...

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    Corruption perception index 2017

    The annual corruption index of Transparency International for the year 2017 has been released. The index ranks 180 countries ...