Panchayati Raj- Grass Roots of Empowerment

8/16/2018 | Governance Issues | Yojana

Reference Article: Empowerment through Political Interventions Understanding Empowerment (concept, aspects and manifestation) Theoretically, empowerme ...

Overview of Haryana's Culture

8/16/2018 | Haryana | Culture

Haryana's culture is reflective of this colourful state. Submerged in the rich cultural heritage of Vedic Period, the mystical state of Haryana stands ...

Assam Fairs & Festivals

8/15/2018 | Assam | Art and Culture

Introduction: Since times immemorial, the north-eastern state of Assam has been the home to a large number of fairs and festivals, most of which have ...

Ankiya Nata - The Dramas of Sankaradeva

8/15/2018 | Assam | Art and Culture

Introduction: Ankiya Nata (A?kiya Na?a) is a form of religious theatre created by Sankaradeva. Ankiya means ‘act’ or ‘episode’ and Nata means ‘drama’. ...


8/15/2018 | Assam | Art and Culture

Introduction: Borgeets (songs celestial) are a collection of lyrical songs that are set to specific ragas but not necessarily to any tala. These songs ...

‘Drug of last resort’-Carbapenem losing out to pathogens

8/15/2018 | Science Affairs | Health

India is witnessing an alarming rise in the rate of carbapenem-resistant bacteria underlining the need for enhanced antimicrobial surveillance and pre ...

Legacy of the Mughal rule in Punjab

8/14/2018 | Punjab | History

The mughals ruled the Punjab for about two centuries and consequently left some permanent marks in the form of their legacy in this province. 1.Land R ...

Haryana Economy : Broad Overview

8/14/2018 | Haryana | Economy

Haryana is among the northern most states in India and adjacent to national capital Delhi. It is surrounded by Uttar Pradesh in the east, Punjab in th ...

Space Technology in Himachal state

8/13/2018 | Himachal Pradesh | Science and Technology

Aryabhatta Geo-informatics & Space Application Centre(AGiSAC) "Committed to bring geo-information for the benefit of people and sustainable developmen ...

Mineral resources of Assam : Sillimanite, Clay, Sand, Iron Ore, Copper, Gypsum & other minerals of Assam

8/12/2018 | Assam | Geography

Sillimanite It is also an important mineral wealth of Assam. The Assam Sillimanite is in the form of massive rock from which cubes can been sawn for d ...

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