12/10/2018 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

Definition: Cybrids or cytoplasmic hybrids are cells with nucleus of one species but cytoplasm from both the parental species. It may be single cell o ...

G-20: A comprehensive analysis

12/10/2018 | Economic Affairs | International Institutions

About: The G20, or Group of 20, is main international forum for economic, financial and political cooperation which addresses major global challenges ...

Caste census

12/10/2018 | Economic Affairs | Policy

Brief History of Caste Census: As the 2011 Census approached, demands for inclusion of data on caste in Census reached a crescendo. P. Chidambaram, th ...

GDP back series data

12/10/2018 | Economic Affairs | Indexes

Context: Three years after the shift to the new base year of 2011-12, the CSO and NITI Aayog jointly released the back series GDP data detailing growt ...

Agriculture and Pollution - Long term Policy

12/10/2018 | Economic Affairs | Climate

the issue requires long-term vision and strategic policy interventions. Reasons for failure for current methods (using Policy of rotation): The sowing ...

Climate rule book: Problems and solutions

12/10/2018 | Economic Affairs | Climate

Introduction: Air pollution is now the fourth-highest cause of death worldwide. Long-term exposure to air pollution contributed to the death of 6.1 mi ...

Neonatal Health

12/10/2018 | Social Issues | Health

The dismal condition of new born care in India can be stated form the fact that out of the 2.8 million newborns who die at birth worldwide, India cont ...

Monoclonal antibodies (concept & applications)

12/10/2018 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

Monoclonal antibodies are identical immunoglobulins, generated from a single B-cell clone. These antibodies recognize unique epitopes, or binding site ...

Financial Intelligence Unit-India(FIU-IND)

12/10/2018 | India and the world | International Institutions

Recent trends: The Union Cabinet has given its approval to the revised Model Memorandum of Understanding between the Financial Intelligence Unit(FIU) ...

Green Revolution

12/10/2018 | Economic Affairs | Agriculture

A team of experts sponsored by the Ford Foundation was invited by the Government of India in the latter half of the Second Five Year Plan to suggest w ...

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