India-China economic diplomacy- a tale of competitive cooperation.

1/17/2018 | Economic Affairs | External Sector

The world stands on the cusp of a great technological and political shift. Radical shifts in production technology and processes are rendering the old ...

Significance of PSLV-C40 mission

1/12/2018 | Science Affairs | Space

After a lull of over four months, the Indian Space Research Organisation is back in the game as its workhorse Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C40 ...

Indian Economy, Globalisation and Education system: Do they complement and supplement each other?

1/8/2018 | Social Issues | Globalization

Economic growth has been accepted as a sacrosanct objective. There is expansion of trade, investment, market, and increase in GNP, productivity, per c ...

Hinyana and Mahayana

1/5/2018 | Culture of India | religion

Buddhism is divided into two main religious groups Mahayana Buddhism and Hinayana Buddhism (also known as Theravada). The meaning of the word Hinayana ...

Speed breeding technique

1/4/2018 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology

Scientists are engaged in a race against time to breed staple crops that can both survive climate change and yield bigger harvests. Their aim is to fe ...

Cultural importance of Swadeshi movement

12/28/2017 | Indian History | 1905-1920

The Government’s decision to partition Bengal had been made public in December 1903.The official reason given for the decision was that Bengal was too ...

NGT introduces graded response action plan to combat air pollution

12/28/2017 | Environment and Ecology | Pollution

Observing that air quality in the national capital was “severe” for most of the month, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has directed implementation o ...

Role of Blockchain technology in governance & industry

12/27/2017 | Science Affairs | Information Technology

Recent media attention on blockchain has mostly focused on the technology's applications in the finance industry or on the numerous coins (eg Bitcoins ...

Hyperloop-the fifth mode of transport

12/23/2017 | Geography | Transport

The futuristic transport system Hyperloop has come a long way since entrepreneur Elon Musk proposed a "fifth mode of transport" after planes, trains, ...

Drain of wealth and Indian Nationalism

12/22/2017 | Indian History | 1857-1947

The transfer of resources and wealth from India to England without providing ‘any equivalent return’ which began in the second half of the eighteenth ...

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