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Being born in India, the first of the names that are heard amongst the many of freedom fighters and national heroes is that of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi — also known as Mahatma Gandhi, or Bapu. He is on India's currency notes; buildings and roads are named after him .
Gandhi is universally known as the most renowned theorist, philosopher and also the practitioner of truth, love, non-violence, tolerance freedom and peace. He was a leader of his people, unsupported by any authority. He was very much concerned for poor , deprived and the downtrodden and he was intended to alter the evils in political, social, and economic system, His mission was to reconstruct India from  villages.
The main principles /philosophies Gandhiji are as below:-
Non -violence, Satyagraha,moral Concept of politics,village based Economy, Education system reachable to all, Decentralization in democracy etc-

Non-violence means good will towards others doing well towards others,largest love, greatest charity and interdependence of human beings if one wants to survive as a human race. in the ever- growing menace of international terrorism, religious wars, ethnic cleansing and genocides, these values are of immense relevance in today’s world.

A Satygraha campaign is undertaken only after all other peaceful means have proven ineffective. An attempt is made to convert, perused the opponent. Any violence inflicted by the opponent is accepted without retaliation. For extent of some period it was known as Gandhi’s method of Satyagraha have no  relevancy but with the passing of time he proved how it was important in protection of life, Liberty and property. we have seen the power of satyagrah in Anna's movement when peceful protest  of masses forced government to agree to the demand of Lokpal .

For Gandhiji, politics is moral problem of value At present, we see that politics is routed deceit and dishonesty and is bound to create greater deceit and greater dishonesty. Hate must generate hate. Thus there is a need of ‘Moralize Politics.’

Gandhi was not anti-technology or science, He always said that he was a pujari (priest) of “body-temple” and since it was the most complex machinery in the world so how could he be anti-machinery! He believed in rural-based and economically viable local production and consumption systems. Hence he was against things made in Bombay and shipped to rural areas. Similarly he said that he objected to electricity being produced in Bombay and transmitted to Wardha (where his ashram was). He wanted it produced in Wardha from local resources ,The programmes of Indian Goverment like providing urban amenities in rural areas (pura) and smart villages are the reflection of Gandhian teachings.

Gandhiji's views about sanitation or decentralisation of power or women empowerment or need for basic education for all, every views holds good and is followed presently. Make in India is nothing but self-sufficiency as emphasised by Gandhiji. Individuality and economic independence were two things very close to Gandhiji's heart. Present trends indicate the best times when both these are gaining importance.

To conclude we can say that most of the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi hold relevance even in today's world. The path shown or followed by Gandhiji at that time still remains a very valid one if somebody chooses to tread on it. In today's scenario, 'Eye for an Eye' is no solution as it only aggravates the situation. Peaceful coexistence, economic independence, respect for women, child centred education and basic education for every one, universal brotherhood-all these principles should serve as a beacon of light to guide humanity to a better world.

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Aditi Currently these gandhian views are seen in books only,rarely someone is seen practising them.

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