8/16/2018 | Himachal Pradesh | Science and Technology Level(1)

Digital Initiatives of State government

 Evaluaute the It policy of Himachal Pradesh to acheieve the goal of digital India initiative ? (20 marks ) ...View/Post-Answer

8/16/2018 | Himachal Pradesh | Science and Technology Level(1)

Digital Initiatives of State government

 Write a short note on HIMSWAN ? (8 marks ) ...View/Post-Answer

8/15/2018 | Punjab | Social Issues Level(3)

How did the youth in the Indian state of Punjab get addicted to drugs and alcohol? Is this only the case of Punjab or other states as well? ...View/Post-Answer

8/15/2018 | Punjab | History Level(2)

Critically examine Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh contribution in Punjab history. ...View/Post-Answer

8/15/2018 | Punjab | Geography Level(3)

In view of the declining average size of land holdings in Punjab which has made agriculture nonviable for a majority of farmers, should contract farming and land leasing be promoted in agriculture? Critically analyze. ...View/Post-Answer

8/15/2018 | Punjab | Geography Level(3)

Describe the significance of increased minimum support price (MSP) of paddy in Punjab.Will this step help in fullfillying the government's aim to double farmers Income by 2022.Comment. ...View/Post-Answer

8/15/2018 | Punjab | Geography Level(3)

What measures should be adopted in tackling the increasing depletion of ground water table in Punjab and what should be the role of SHGs and government in this problem. ...View/Post-Answer

8/15/2018 | Punjab | Geography Level(2)

Give a brief account of major pests and diseases affecting the cotton crop in Punjab with their possible effective management measures and solutions. ...View/Post-Answer

8/14/2018 | Punjab | Geography Level(3)

It is believed that much of the pollution in Delhi in November every year originates in the neighbouring states of Punjab and Haryana where farmers burn their fields to dispose of crop residue. How far do you think that that this is the only reason for pollution. Also place your views on practical and cost-effective solution to deal with the problem. ...View/Post-Answer

8/14/2018 | Punjab | Geography Level(3)

Experts believe that Punjab is fast moving towards a crisis of groundwater overuse and contamination. In the light of this statement, trace the major challenges relating to the groundwater sector and suggest some measures. ...View/Post-Answer

8/13/2018 | Assam | Polity Level(3)

Neepco Flood

 Recent NEPCO release of water has caused heavy damage in the Golaghat district. But the NEEPCO administration has denied the charges. SuggestSsome way forward for such interstate nature of problems. What are the factors aggrevating the flood problem in the region? (250 words) ...View/Post-Answer

8/13/2018 | Himachal Pradesh | Economy Level(1)


 Explain the major agrarian unrests in Shimla Hill States during the colonial era ? (20 marks ) ...View/Post-Answer

8/13/2018 | Himachal Pradesh | Economy Level(1)

Himachal industry

 What are the main industrial areas of Himachal Pradesh and which are main industeries in them ? (8 marks ) ...View/Post-Answer

8/13/2018 | Assam | History Level(2)

Alaboi battle

 Write a short note on Alaboi Battle. How Saraight Journalists Forum is credited for awareness of this less remembered battle? (250 words) ...View/Post-Answer

8/13/2018 | Assam | Polity Level(2)

Education System

 The education system of assam is plagued numerous shortcomings. What are they? Discuss how these challenges can be tackled. (250 words) ...View/Post-Answer

8/13/2018 | Assam | Art and Culture Level(2)

Drama in Assam

 'Drama as literary genre has few takers in Assam'. Does this hold true? Analyse. (200 words) ...View/Post-Answer

8/12/2018 | Assam | Economy Level(2)

Oil Syndicate

 Recently, oil ‘syndicate’ surfaces in upper Assam. Discuss thye causes. How this impacts Assam,s economy? How to tackle such challenges? (250 words) ...View/Post-Answer

8/12/2018 | Assam | Economy Level(2)

Digital North East Vision 2022

 Union Electronics and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad today released the document ‘Digital North East Vision 2022’. Discuss its main features. Is this a viable document to transform the north east? Explain. (250 words) ...View/Post-Answer

8/12/2018 | Assam | Science and Technology Level(2)


Union Electronics and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad recently laid the foundation stone of the Startup World of Innovation in Future Technology (SWIFT Centre). Discuss how this will contribute to the economy of Assam? (200 words) ...View/Post-Answer

8/12/2018 | Assam | Polity Level(2)

Citizenship Amendment Bill

 Majority of Assam has been voicing against the proposed Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2017. Examine the reasons. Should Delhi consider the apprehensions of Assamese people? What is the best alternative? (250 words) ...View/Post-Answer

8/12/2018 | Assam | Polity Level(3)


 The recent expose of APSC scams is a black chapter in the field of meritocracy in the Assam's administration. Analyse. Discuss how the APSC can be made scam free.(250 words) ...View/Post-Answer

8/12/2018 | Himachal Pradesh | Culture Level(1)

International fair in Himachal Pradesh

 What are the socio- economic implications of international fair of Himachal Pradesh ? ( 20 marks ) ...View/Post-Answer

8/12/2018 | Himachal Pradesh | Economy Level(1)


 To what extent Government of Himachal Pradesh has successed in protecting and promoting the interests of agrarian class ? (8 marks ) ...View/Post-Answer

8/11/2018 | Punjab | Geography Level(3)

What will be the impact of depleting ground water table on the agriculture of Punjab ? Do merely banning new tubewell connections help the cause.Comment. ...View/Post-Answer

8/11/2018 | Punjab | Social Issues Level(3)

Critically analyze the impact of westernization on language, history, society, intellectual and behaviour on the People of Punjab. ...View/Post-Answer

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