2/23/2018 | Science Affairs | Diseases Level(2)

Health & Medicine

From the 17th through the early 20th century, vector-borne diseases have routinely wreaked havoc on populations in India. Critically analyze reasons for frequent outbreaks of vector borne diseases & suggest action strategy to tackle the menace of such diseases? ...View/Post-Answer

2/22/2018 | Geography | Sustainable Development Level(2)

Science & Technology

 “The world needs ‘water’ as it is critical for achieving Sustainable Development Goals & ‘science’ for tackling global water scarcity.” Comment ...View/Post-Answer

2/21/2018 | Geography | Atmosphere Level(1)

Heat Budget

 Explain the heat budget of earth. Also discuss that how human induced green house gases are altering the heat budget of earth. ...View/Post-Answer

2/21/2018 | Geography | Climate Level(2)

Tilted Axis of Earth

While explaining the mechanism of seasons, elaborate the role played by tilt of earth in formation of seasons. ...View/Post-Answer

2/21/2018 | Environment and Ecology | Pollution Level(1)


Discuss sustainable alternatives and action strategy which can be adopted by government & industries to reduce the production and excessive use of single-use plastic polluting our oceans. ...View/Post-Answer

2/19/2018 | Science Affairs | Health Level(2)

Health & Medicine

 The concept of the National Medical Commission (NMC) is a step forward from the days of the MCI, but in its present form the Bill fails on many fronts. Critically comment ...View/Post-Answer

2/18/2018 | Indian History | 1857-1885 Level(3)

revolt of 1857

 The so called First war of Independence of 1857 is neither first ,nor national ,nor war of Independence.Evaluate ...View/Post-Answer

2/18/2018 | World History | French Revolution Level(2)

French revolution

 "To some extent, the American war of Independence inspired the French revolution " comment ...View/Post-Answer

2/18/2018 | Indian History | 1921-1932 Level(3)

Civil disobedience movement

 Identify the main strands in civil disobedience movement with particular reference to the changing role of " business pressure" in the country. ...View/Post-Answer

2/18/2018 | Indian History | 1921-1932 Level(2)

Swaraj party

 Why Swaraj party was founded ,discuss its place in freedom struggle and how far it was successful? ...View/Post-Answer

2/18/2018 | World History | Communism-Socialism Level(3)


 Marxian Communism is primarily the offspring of German Hegelianism .comment ...View/Post-Answer

2/18/2018 | World History | French Revolution Level(2)

French revolution

 The main cause of French revolution was class struggle.Evaluate ...View/Post-Answer

2/14/2018 | Environment and Ecology | Biodiversity Level(2)

Biodiversity conservation

Forests do not exist in isolation and the benefits of the forests must be transferred to the people. Critically analyze the statement with special emphasis on social & economic benefits of forests. ...View/Post-Answer

2/12/2018 | Science Affairs | Science and Technology Level(2)

Science & Technology

Innovations in science and technology are integral to the long-term growth and dynamism of any nation. Discuss role played by Science & Technology in modern democratic societies like India. ...View/Post-Answer

2/12/2018 | Science Affairs | Science and Technology Level(3)

Science & Technology

 “The stature of Indian science is a shadow of what it used to be … a country cannot rest on its past laurels. Investing in science is also fundamental to India’s security.” Elucidate ...View/Post-Answer

2/5/2018 | World History | Nazism and Fascism Level(3)


 The foreign policy of Nazi Germany was responsible for the outbreak of world war -2,Evaluate. ...View/Post-Answer

2/5/2018 | Indian History | 1942-1947 Level(2)

Cripps mission

 Cripps mission gave India a" post dated cheque".Elaborate ...View/Post-Answer

2/5/2018 | Geography | Geological issues Level(1)

 Continental drift theory finds Jig-Saw fitting of continents as the most convincing evidence. It makes it a remarkable and unmistakeable truth of the world. Critically analyse. ...View/Post-Answer

2/5/2018 | Geography | geomorphological issues Level(1)

 Dams across the rivers change the geomorphology of a river basin, discuss. ...View/Post-Answer

2/5/2018 | Geography | Climate Level(1)

 India does not hold temperate looks though major part of it falls in the temperate world. Explain. ...View/Post-Answer

2/5/2018 | Geography | Hydrology Level(1)

 The unique multi-directional drinage system reveals recurrent phases of upliftment and subsidence of peninsular india, explain. ...View/Post-Answer

2/5/2018 | Geography | geopolitical issues Level(1)

 The great channel separates South and South-East Asia. It holds immense geostrategic potential. It curtails the benefits Mallaca strait holds, critically analyse. ...View/Post-Answer

2/2/2018 | Science Affairs | Health Level(3)

Health & Medicine

The proposed National Health Protection Scheme, touted to be world’s largest ever government funded health programme looks promising on paper but lacks clarity. Critically analyze challenges in smooth implementation of mega health insurance scheme. ...View/Post-Answer

1/28/2018 | Geography | Physical aspects of India Level(1)

The peninsular India is seismically much safer than extra peninsular India. Explain. ...View/Post-Answer

1/28/2018 | Geography | Physical aspects of India Level(1)

"Indian physiography does not permit inter river basin connectivities. India should relinquish the promethean idea of mega project of interlinking of rivers". Critically analyse the statement given above. ...View/Post-Answer

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