1/18/2018 | Science Affairs | Space Level(1)


The launch of the 100th satellite by ISRO signifies both its glorious achievements and also the bright future of India’s space programme. Give a brief review of Indian space programme & discuss significance of PSLV C-40 launch. ...View/Post-Answer

1/17/2018 | Geography | Climate Level(1)

 Paciffic Througflow and West Wind Drift determine most of the global climatic phenomenon. Explain. ...View/Post-Answer

1/17/2018 | Geography | Planning in India Level(1)

 Labrador and Greenland have frozen coastal lands, barely open for sea borne trade and commerce while North Sea and Norwegian Sea on the same latitudes are comparatively warmer and year around open for trade. Discuss. ...View/Post-Answer

1/17/2018 | Geography | Geological issues Level(1)

 Earthquakes over Hindukush and Himalays have different trails of distruction .Explain. ...View/Post-Answer

1/17/2018 | Indian History | Post Independence Level(2)

Lal Bahadur Shashtriji

 In the context of problem faced by Shashtriji and solution given by him, do you think Shashtriji was a weak Prime Minister. ...View/Post-Answer

1/17/2018 | World History | American Revolution Level(3)

American revolution

 " At the news of declaration of Independence crowds gathered to cheer in Philadephia ,boston and other places ,but there were  many  people in America who did not rejoice" discuss ...View/Post-Answer

1/11/2018 | Geography | geomorphological issues Level(1)

 Indiscriminate leveling of land is always prohibited.The contours have their own significance and cannot be denied. Discuss. ...View/Post-Answer

1/11/2018 | Geography | Physical aspects of India Level(1)

 A tributary can be older than its master stream.Discuss the circumstances leding to development of such drinage system. ...View/Post-Answer

1/11/2018 | Environment and Ecology | Climate Level(1)

Climate change

Dead zones have more than quadrupled in the past 50 years due to human activities. What are dead zones? Discuss impact of warming oceans on marine food system. ...View/Post-Answer

1/7/2018 | Environment and Ecology | Pollution Level(1)


India bears the burden of the maximum number of air pollution-linked deaths in the world. Critically analyse NGT’s graded response action plan to tackle rising menace of air pollution. ...View/Post-Answer

1/6/2018 | Geography | Geological issues Level(3)

 Earthquakes are rightly called "LAMPS ILLUMINATING THE STRUCTURE OF EARTH'S INTERIOR". Discuss. ...View/Post-Answer

1/5/2018 | Science Affairs | Space Level(1)


Explain how Resourcesat series of ISRO has contributed to socio-economic growth of country? ...View/Post-Answer

1/3/2018 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology Level(2)


The world has to produce 60-80 per cent more food by 2050 to feed its nine billion people. Discuss how plant biotechnology can boost the production of the food crops by up to three times & meet challenges of rising population. ...View/Post-Answer

12/27/2017 | Indian History | 1942-1947 Level(2)

Indian national army

  The direct contribution of Indian National army
To the freedom movement was not so significant but we can not ignore its indirect contribution .discuss ...View/Post-Answer

12/27/2017 | Indian History | 1933-1941 Level(3)

congress ministries

  Although congress ministries of 1937 did many commendable work but they were also not free
From some malpractices .elaborate ...View/Post-Answer

12/27/2017 | Indian History | 1947-1970 Level(2)

Neruvian era

 Nehru laid a foundation upon which his successors have been trying to build a prosperous and happier
India .discuss ...View/Post-Answer

12/25/2017 | Science Affairs | Nanotechnology Level(2)

Nanotechnology applications

How can nanotechnology-‘the science of extremely small’ play critical role in health sector? What are main challenges which need to be addressed in harnessing nanotechnology? ...View/Post-Answer

12/25/2017 | Science Affairs | Nanotechnology Level(1)

Nanotechnology in everyday life

 Why nanotechnology is considered as key technology of 21st century? Discuss applications of nanotechnology in everyday life & food industry. ...View/Post-Answer

12/23/2017 | Geography | Transport Level(2)

Emerging technologies

Hyperloop concept has enormous potential to be the first truly revolutionary new transportation system in half a century, but faces several roadblocks. Critically comment ...View/Post-Answer

12/20/2017 | Indian History | 1942-1947 Level(2)

freedom of India

 Analyze the circumstances ,between 1942 and 1947,that led to freedom and partition of India ...View/Post-Answer

12/20/2017 | Science Affairs | Health Level(2)

Reforms in health sector

Critically review the government decision to set up National Medical Commission (NMC) to bring reforms in the medical education sector. ...View/Post-Answer

12/17/2017 | World History | World War I Level(3)

world war

 Very few countries wanted to take part in world war-1 but very few believed that they can stay away from war ,this diachotomy played most important role in bringing war nearer,comment. ...View/Post-Answer

12/17/2017 | World History | Communism-Socialism Level(3)


" Marxian communism is primarily the offspring of German Hegelianism".comment ...View/Post-Answer

12/14/2017 | Indian History | 1885-1905 Level(2)

Indian national congress

 Describe briefly the ideals and programme of the Indian National Congress between 1885 and 1905 and assess official response to it. ...View/Post-Answer

12/13/2017 | Environment and Ecology | Climate Level(2)

Clean technologies

India has envisioned ambitious switch to only electric vehicles by 2030 as part of its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Critically discuss key challenges which need to be addressed in this journey to make it a success. ...View/Post-Answer

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