6/21/2018 | Indian Polity | Fundamental Rights Level(3)

It is not just imperfect laws, but the complex interplay of social forces, ideological biases, and political choices that inhibits freedom of expression in India. Discuss. ...View/Post-Answer

6/21/2018 | India and the world | International Institutions Level(3)

SCO provides immense opportunities for India provided India understands the dynamics of the region and of individual nations of SCO. Critically analyze the statement in light of the recently held SCO summit. ...View/Post-Answer

6/21/2018 | Science Affairs | Computers Level(1)


Quantum computing is the technology which is expected to provide a quantum leap into the future. What could be potential applications of quantum computing technology? ...View/Post-Answer

6/21/2018 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology Level(2)

Emerging technologies

Genome editing technologies have advanced significantly over the past few years. Discuss major application of genome editing technologies. What are the ethical concerns about genome editing? ...View/Post-Answer

6/21/2018 | Science Affairs | Nuclear science Level(2)

Nuclear energy

Embargoes have only increased India's self-reliance in the nuclear field. How important are the fast-breeder reactors in ensuring India's energy security? ...View/Post-Answer

6/21/2018 | Indian Polity | State Executive Level(3)

The state legislature does not function under the Governor. In sum and substance, the Governor just cannot act as the Ombudsman of the state legislature.” In the light of recent controversies involving governor and state legislatures, critically comment on the statement. ...View/Post-Answer

6/21/2018 | Indian Polity | Civil services Level(2)

Is All India Service an aberration of Indian federalism? Analyse the role of Indian civil servants post-liberalization. ...View/Post-Answer

6/21/2018 | India and the world | Indo Pakistan Level(3)

Bilateral Issue b/w India-Pakistan

Do you believe that agreements like the one in Shimla, 1972 have only allowed Pakistan to take advantage of India's soft stand.Discuss ...View/Post-Answer

6/21/2018 | Indian Polity | Parliament Level(3)

The parliamentary system of government envisages a close link between the Executive and the Legislature.In this context, explain;

a)The manner in which the Legislature controls the Executive in a state; and

b)The Principles of collective responsibility and individual responsibility. ...View/Post-Answer

6/20/2018 | Science Affairs | Electronics Level(2)

Robotics & AI

Artificial Intelligence is considered to be the biggest game-changer in the global economy. Critically analyze what role Artificial Intelligence can play in Environmental Sustainability. ...View/Post-Answer

6/19/2018 | Geography | Disasters Level(2)

Drought Conditions in India

It is not deficit monsoon, rather the lack of policies and mechanisms to drought-proof susceptible areas that has turned the situation in India so severe.Examine. ...View/Post-Answer

6/15/2018 | Science Affairs | Health Level(2)

Health & Medicine

Why are Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (PHVOs) considered harmful for health? Review recent WHO’s six step REPLACE action package. ...View/Post-Answer

6/15/2018 | Economic Affairs | External Sector Level(3)

There is the abundance of creative and innovative energies that flow in India, and the need to tap into and channelise these energies towards a better and brighter future for all. In the background of this statement analyse the vision of National Intellectual Property Rights Policy and its objectives. ...View/Post-Answer

6/15/2018 | Social Issues | Health Level(3)

Many doctors have suggested that legalising incentives for donors is the best way to prevent exploitative middlemen connected with organ trafficking. Can this suggestion be approved in India? Analyse. What steps can be taken to prevent illegal trade in organs? ...View/Post-Answer

6/15/2018 | Environment and Ecology | Climate Level(3)

Paris Climate Change

Since the only mechanism in Paris Agreement remains voluntary national caps on emissions, without even any guidance on how stringent those caps would need to be, it is hard to be optimistic that these goals are likely to be achieved’. With reference to the statement, critically analyse the scope of Paris Agreement in combating climate change. ...View/Post-Answer

6/15/2018 | Economic Affairs | External Sector Level(3)

India should Make for India and not for the world.’ Critically analyse this statement with reference to the current global challenges to Indian Economy. ...View/Post-Answer

6/15/2018 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology Level(3)

GM Crops

The act of developing a technology is as much work inside the laboratory as it is of engaging with the state and society on various concerns and questions. Discuss the statement in the background of recent controversies around Genetically Modified Crops in India. ...View/Post-Answer

6/13/2018 | Science Affairs | Electronics Level(2)

Robotics & AI

AI might just be the single largest technology revolution of our live times, with the potential to disrupt almost all aspects of human existence. Discuss potential of AI in transforming education sector. ...View/Post-Answer

6/12/2018 | Social Issues | Disadvantaged Groups Level(2)

Recognition of tribal rights over non-timber forest products (NTFPs) would accelerate empowerment of the poor and marginalised. Comment. ...View/Post-Answer

6/12/2018 | Economic Affairs | Agriculture Level(3)

Doubling Farmer''s Income

Rural distress in one of the most important issue being faced by the country today. In this regard the government has setup an ambitious target of doubling farmers income by the year 2022. Analyze what are the issues and measures that needs to be taken to achieve the goal especially with regards to small and marginal farmers. ...View/Post-Answer

6/10/2018 | Science Affairs | Health Level(2)

Health & Medicine

 Critically analyze reasons for emergence of antimicrobial resistance in India. Why the evolution of antimicrobial resistance presents a big challenge for the future of medicine? ...View/Post-Answer

6/9/2018 | Science Affairs | Health Level(1)

Health & Medicine

 Discuss major challanges in implementing the government’s ambitious scheme-the Ayushman Bharat National Health Protection Scheme. ...View/Post-Answer

6/9/2018 | Security Issues | Cyber Security Level(3)

With increasing turbulence in global geopolitics, it is perceived that the wars in 21st century would be fought in Cyberweapons equipped with artificial intelligence. How realistic is this perception? Discuss the nature and threat of such weapons. ...View/Post-Answer

6/9/2018 | Governance Issues | Governance Level(3)

Bring out the key differences between India’s Aadhaar and Social Security Number (SSN) of United States while examining the role of former in better implantation of government schemes for vulnerable sections of society. ...View/Post-Answer

6/9/2018 | India and the world | Asean Level(1)

Relation between India and ASEAN

An effective and robust cooperation between India and ASEAN will aid in realizing the dream of 21st century Asia. Elucidate the significance of ASEAN for India from economic, geo-political and security perspectives. ...View/Post-Answer

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