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Spatial distribution of Tropical Cyclones

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10 stringent factors determine the genesis and locational coordinates of a Tropical Cyclone. High temperatures, high humidity, strong convectional currents, low shear wind loss, air pressure gradient, prevailing winds system, shape of the intervening coastlines, Coriolis force, latitude and oceanic surfaces with sporadic archipelagos.

Prominent Regions:

More than 90 percent of the tropical cyclones occur in three specific regions:
a. Western tropical Pacific waters
b. Western tropical Atlantic water
c. Bay of Bengal, Arab Sagar and SW Indian ocean.
Less Prominent Regions:
a. Tropical western coast of North America
b. South Western Pacific Ocean

Tropical cyclone is a phenomenon of tropics and sub tropics. Occasionally, warm ocean currents drag them to middle latitudes. They need Coriolis force for their genesis. Therefore, tropical cyclones do not develop over equator for the absence of the rotational force. Prevailing trade winds drag them from east to west. Most of the eastern coastal plains of the peninsulas turn out to be the first recipient. All the wet places in the coastal regions provide much needed moisture for sustenance become the first victim of its high velocity winds and sea surge. All south-eastern tropical oceans have low surface temperatures. Strong upwelling of cold waters rules out ideal conditions for the development of tropical cyclones.

Spatial distribution of tropical cyclones has seasonal bearings

The path becomes northerly with the northward apparent movement of sun. A May or June and Oct or Nov cyclone reaches or crosses tropic of cancer(20 to 30 deg latitude) while a tropical cyclone of marchor April and late November & December hits 10-20 deg latitudes. Similar patterns can be visualised for the southern hemisphere.Tropical cyclones have parabolic path. High humidity levels make them go straight or slightly curved, keep cyclones energised enough to cross intervening peninsulas.

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