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Jobless growth and social unrest

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According to International Labour Organisation’s (ILO), social unrest index, which seeks to proxy the expressed discontent with the socio-economic situation in countries, indicates that the average global social unrest increased between 2015 and 2016.


According to ILO, lack of employment opportunities is one of the key reasons for social unrest that exist throughout the world.
India also witnessed such social unrest, which has been witnessed in recent agitations of the Marathas in Maharashtra, the Patels in Gujarat, Jats in Haryana etc.


1.Currently in India, about one million people joins to workforce every month, but job growth rate is very low due to various reasons. The increasing social unrest is directly linked to high unemployment rates.
2.In recent times, we have witnessed increasing cases of social agitation. In fact ILO’s data suggest that between 2015 and 2016, eight out of 11 regions experienced increases in the measure of social discontent, most notably in the Arab States.
3.Indian economic growth is comfortably good among various developing countries, but the growth of the country should not be measured by GDP alone, but by the quality of jobs, livelihood and jobs that are created.
4.India being a aspirational country, with huge young age population must create jobs, else it will pave the way for social unrest.
5.Lack of literacy, skill and deep gap between job creation and job requirement were posing challenges before policy makers. Currently India has a total demand of about 17- 20 million new jobs per annum.
6.In such a scenario, social security in the form of unemployment benefits could be one way of ensuring social stability, while continuing to invest heavily in education and skilling.


The increasing mismatch between job creation and job requirement is cause to worry for policy makers in India and such trend exist throughout the world. Due to jobless growth we have witnessed social unrest including in India. India having highest population of young age, the issue needs to be address more effectively. Policy makers should focus on job creation and providing unemployment benefits to ensure social stability.

Harman Sandhu By - Harman Sandhu
Posted On - 5/15/2018 1:03:18 AM

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