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Modern RFID Access Control System

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  • Paradip Port has introduced the modern Radio-frequency identification (RFID) Access Control System for controlling and tracking the entry and exit of vehicular as well as human traffic into and out of its prohibited area.

About Radio-frequency identification:

  • Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is the use of radio waves to read and capture information stored on a tag attached to an object. A tag can be read from up to several feet away and does not need to be within direct line-of-sight of the reader to be tracked.
  • How does a RFID system work?
  • A RFID system is made up of two parts: a tag or label and a reader.
  • RFID tags or labels are embedded with a transmitter and a receiver.
  • The RFID component on the tags have two parts: a microchip that stores and processes information, and an antenna to receive and transmit a signal. The tag contains the specific serial number for one specific object.
  • To read the information encoded on a tag, a two-way radio transmitter-receiver called an interrogator or reader emits a signal to the tag using an antenna.
  • The tag responds with the information written in its memory bank.
  • The interrogator will then transmit the read results to an RFID computer program.
  • There are two types of RFID tags: passive and battery powered.
  • A passive RFID tag will use the interrogator’s radio wave energy to relay its stored information back to the interrogator. A batter powered RFID tag is embedded with a small battery that powers the relay of information.


  • The new RFID system is inherently accompanied with enhanced Maritime Security features. Faster and efficient movement of traffic across the gates leading to reduction in congestion, simplified online payment procedure, availability of real-time information on number of different types of vehicles, equipment, port user personnel inside the prohibited area, availability of entry and exit details of a particular person, vehicle inclusive of the gate no. instantly through which the traffic moved, are some of the added advantages of the new system.
  • Retrieval of data pertaining to the entire period of time is also another advantage of the system.

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Posted On - 11/28/2016 12:00:00 AM

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