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Nuakhai Juhar

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  • Nuakhai Juhar was celebrated across Odisha on August 26.

About Nuakhai Juhar:

  • The name 'Nuakhai' is a combination of two words, 'Nua' meaning new and 'khai' which means food. When put together, Nuakhai stands for new rice, further suggesting that the farmers in possession of newly harvested rice.
  • People worship food grain on this auspicious day which is looked upon as a new ray of hope. Also, farmers offer the first produce from their lands to goddess Samaleswari, to whom the festival is dedicated.
  • Following the Hindu calendar, the day falls on the Panchami Tithi of the lunar fortnight in Bhadrapada (August–September) months, the day after the Ganesh Chaturthi festival.
  • Even though the entire state celebrates this festival, it is most important for people hailing from Western Odisha.

Vishal Thakur By - Vishal Thakur
Posted On - 8/30/2017 12:00:00 AM

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