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Nod to animal sacrifice at Kullu Dasehra

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After a three-year gap, Kullu Dasehra this time will witness age-old ritual animal sacrifice in restricted manner. The sacrifice was banned in 2014 by Himachal Pradesh High Court.

According to tradition, the sacrifice of a buffalo, a male lamb, a fish, a crab and a chicken is an important ritual on the concluding day of Kullu Dashera, which begins in Kullu town after it concludes in the rest of the country every year.

The people of the district welcomed interim relief given by the Supreme Court over ban on animal sacrifice. The district administration would maintain a close watch over animal sacrifice and it would take place at a confined place as per the directions of the honorable court. Earlier the animal sacrifice was conducted in full public view during Kullu Dasehra, which is described as a brutality against animals by animal protection activists. In Himachal Pradesh it was a common tradition to sacrifice animals in full public view during religious festivity in temples like Shant Maha Yagya and Bhunda Maha Yagya, where goats and sheep were sacrificed in hundreds. Maheshwar Singh knocked the door of Supreme Court to get relief on ban on animal sacrifice to perform the age-old tradition of Kullu Dasehra when Himachal Pradesh High Court had imposed complete ban over animal sacrifice.

Vivek Rana By - Vivek Rana
Posted On - 10/10/2017 12:00:00 AM

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