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Speedtest Global Index, 2017

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  • The popular internet speed testing service Ookla has released its November edition of the Speedtest Global Index, ranking average internet speeds in different countries, on mobile and home broadband.

Highlights of the index:

  • India is ranked 109th in mobile internet speeds and 76th for fixed broadband speed globally, which is a 15 percent increase.
  • At the start of 2017, the average mobile download speed in India was 7.65 Mbps. Heading into the end of the year, average mobile download speed is 8.80 Mbps which is a 15 percent increase.
  • While mobile speeds increased modestly, fixed broadband speeds increased dramatically. Average fixed broadband download speed in January was 12.12 Mbps. As of November, it's at 18.82 Mbps, a close to 50 percent jump.
  • Norway ranks first in the world for mobile internet with an average download speed of 62.66 Mbps.
  • Singapore takes the top spot for fixed broadband with a 153.85 Mbps average download.


  • Both mobile and fixed broadband internet in India are getting faster, that's good news for all Indian consumers no matter which operator or plan they use to access the internet.
  • India still has a long way to go to catch up with countries that have top speeds around the world.
  • First and foremost factor for internet is sufficient infrastructure. The strength and quality of networks is the baseline foundation required for faster speeds. Another key element in growth is competition. When operators compete to provide the fastest speeds and the best plans for consumers, they incentivise each other to offer progressively better options.
  • And a third factor in improving speeds is the consideration of new technologies that may boost network performance.

Vishal Thakur By - Vishal Thakur
Posted On - 12/14/2017 12:00:00 AM

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Jaskirat Singh 7 months ago

I guess India as a Developing country in the third world is growing it's Internet capabilities at a modest pace. Especially after launch of Free 4G by Jio , 4G interface has witnessed an exponential improvement. A speed above 20 MBPS which was a Utopian dream for 2G times is reality of Today . Thus we can say that India has evidently developed it's Internet Infrastructure and is going on with it day and night . Yet there is still a long walk to complete as India when India LL be capable to complete and defeat these north Europeans in term of Net speeding


Pooja Negi one year ago

First of all,before the Indian infrastructure and available services in the field of internet with top most countries like Norway,Singapore,we need to look after the mass demanding.e.,how varying the number of users in India with these top most countries.So it would be prejudice to compare a bundle of people with a single one.And with this ,if we noticed,India has been progressing very well in this field and it is laudable.