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  • In a path breaking initiative to empower women ministry of Women & Child Development has developed an online portal NARI.
  • This portal will provide women citizens with easy access to information on government schemes and initiatives for women.
  • For the first time ever since Independence, women of the country will be able to access information about benefits being provided to them by the Government.
  • The portal contains information about schemes being run by both Central as well as the States Governments.
  • The WCD Minister also gave an overview of the agenda of the WCD Ministry in the current year 2018.


  • The Government – both Central and State – has implemented a number of schemes & legislations for women to provide them equal rights, economic opportunities, social support, legal aid, housing etc.
  • However, there is often a lack of awareness of these provisions and difficulties in accessing their benefits. For example, many are unaware that One Stop Centres are available in 168 districts for women in difficult circumstances, PM Awas Yojana gives priority to registraton of homes in the name of women and many State Governments offer financial support for the education of girl children. However, information related to women centric schemes/legislations are all scattered on different websites/portals.
  • In order to make this information more easily accessible in one place, the NARI portal summarizes over 350 government schemes and other important information for the benefit of women, with more being added everyday. It provides links to the Ministries, Departments and autonomous bodies offering these schemes as well as easy access to online applications and grievance redressal.
  • NARI will provide information to women on issues affecting their lives. There are tips on good nutrition, suggestions for health check ups, information on major diseases, tips for job search and interview, investment and savings advice, information on crimes and against women and reporting procedures, contacts of legal aid cells, simplified adoption procedures and much more. It will endow women with the power of information to build their life skills and facilitates them in taking full advantage of the services provided by the Government for them.

Vishal Thakur By - Vishal Thakur
Posted On - 1/3/2018 12:00:00 AM

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Aditi one year ago

That’s actually something great and is a step towards women empowerment and obviously women will be more aware about the benefits being given to them by the government.