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To what extent globalisation has influenced the core of cultural diversity in India? Explain.

 Globalization is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas and other aspects of culture. This results into decrease in variation in cultural diversity and formation of a ‘Global village’ with identical features.

Globalisation has varying degree of influence on cultural diversity in India as following-

  • Impact on language- In the process of providing a common language of communication medium of mass communication has undermined the local languages. The development of literature is also impacted by this.
  • Impact on regional art and handicrafts- In the globalized and mechanized economy no art has remain local. The countries like China is flooding Indian market with the products which were local to India like toys making. This has impacted diversity in Art and handicraft as now we find same kind of product allover India.
  •  Impact on Ethnicity- The globalization generalized the taste and preferences of people relating to food, Dance forms and Values. This undermines the peculiar features of various ethnicities like cuisines.
  • Impact on customs and Traditions- The western Idea of civilization has impacted prospective toward Indian tradition and customs which are looked down as regressive, therefore people are leaving their cultural identity which provided India its cultural diversity.

Therefore thought the globalization is promoting universalism but this may lead to lose of cultural identity of the societies in India

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