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Why are the tribals in India referred to as 'the Scheduled Tribes'?Indicate the major provisions enshrined in the Constitution of Indiafor their upliftment.

 The framer of constitution wanted assimilate tribes into constitutional framework without interfering into their customs and traditions. For this purpose they classified tribal communities under Article 366 and Article 342 of constitution, this classification is known as Schedule tribes.

While ensuring their cultural integrity, the constitution for following provision for their upliftment-

  • Provision for reservation in general (article 14(4)) and in particular, in jobs and appointments in favour of tribal communities (article 16(4)) ensure their presence in the administration which work for their betterment.
  • Representation in Parliament and state legislatures (articles 330 and 332), it ensure that they have their say in polity making.
  • Learning from the colonial experience and protecting their source of livelihood constitution provide for restriction on the right of the ordinary citizen to move freely or settle in particular areas or acquire property in them (article19(5)).
  • Besides these, there are provisions in the 5th or 6th schedule of the Constitution (Articles 244 and 244(a) that empower the state to bring the area inhabited by the tribes under special treatment of administration for their specific requirements of development.
  • Directive Principle of the Constitution that requires that the educational and economic rights of tribes, is especially promoted (Article 46)

To complement the constitutional provisions various has also been enacted. But their holistic upliftment can only be ensured through effective legal, administrative, infrastructure and financial support

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