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Lecture 1
Social Issues : Lecture-1: Introduction to Indian Society-Part I

Features of Indian Society, structure of India Society; Paradox in Indian Society; Major social Institution-Family, Patriarchy & Religion.

By- Rakesh Barik

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Lecture 2
Social Issues: Lecture-2: Introduction to Indian society-Part II & Communalism

Major Social Institutions- Tribes in India and Diversity in India and Communalism-Meaning, factors behind its emergence, comparison with Fundamentalism and linking it with Nationalism and Regionalism.

By- Rakesh Barik

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Lecture 3
Social Issues : Lecture-3: Secularism, Regionalism and Role of women and women organization-Part I

Secularism-meaning, comparision with western secularism, debates around Indian secularism and debating on whether India is secular or not?; Regionalism-meaning, types, Factors behind its emergence and solution & Role of women and women organization-difference between sex and gender, role of women in modern and traditional society, problems of working women.

By- Rakesh Barik

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Lecture 4
Social Issues: Lecture-4: Role of Women organization-Part II & Urbanization

Types of women organization, their role and issues around them and women movement in India and Urbanization-characteristics and problems

By- Rakesh Barik

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