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HCS- Haryana GK Prelims Online Course 3 Lectures

HCS: Haryana GK Prelims Online Course (HRGK_ON)


Course Coverage
Haryana GK Online class Lectures

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Lecture 1
Harayana Geography: Lecture-1: Physiography of Haryana

Physiographic division of Haryana, Soil Distribution , Administrative Setup; Earthquake Zones; River and Doabs; Seasonal Variations- crop, winds.

By- R P Singh

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Lecture 2
Harayana Geography: Lecture-2- Climate and Drainage system

Climatic Zones; factors responsible for variation of Rainfall distribution in Haryana and India; Variation in vegetation, Land holdings; Drainage system and Canal system of Haryana.

By- R P Singh

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Lecture 3
Harayana Geography: Lecture-3: Minerals Resources; Soil

Minerals resources of Haryana and India; Forest Cover of Haryana; Soil: Classifications and Distribution; Land use; Type of Erosion.

By- Parveen Bansal

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