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Exam Type: IAS - Notes Type: GS Pre cum Mains Set
#BookCode BookType Name of Booklet PagesView Sample
1AGS02Pre Cum Mains Culture Of India98View Sample
2AGS01PreHistory of India146View Sample
3AGS03Pre Cum MainsModern India184View Sample
4AGS04MainsWorld History122View Sample
5AGS06Pre Cum MainsIndian Geography162View Sample
6AGS05Pre Cum Mains World Geography162View Sample
7AGS08Pre Cum MainsIndian Polity290View Sample
8AGS09Mains Governance122View Sample
9AGS13MainsInternational Relations & Security Issues244View Sample
10AGS10Pre Cum Mains Indian Economy300View Sample
11AGS11Pre Science260View Sample
12AGS12Pre Cum Mains Science & Technology166View Sample
13AGS07Pre Cum Mains Environment and Ecology172View Sample
14AGS14MainsIndian Society & Ethics120View Sample
15BK24Pre Indian History Workbook116View Sample
16BK25Pre Geography Workbook114View Sample
17BK26PreIndian Polity & Constitution Workbook122View Sample
18BK27Pre Indian Economy Workbook100View Sample
19BK28Pre General Science Workbook110View Sample
20BK29Pre Environment & Suatainable Development Workbook94View Sample