The franchise business model works because of critical mass and economies of scale that allow the business owner to enjoy lower operating costs. Franchising allows you to focus on managing your business rather than spending time creating or sourcing deliverables for your customers. It is exciting to expand your current business, grow a new business division, or become an entrepreneur; it is equally comforting to know you are not alone. The main reason people and companies acquire franchises, as opposed to starting a business independently, is to reduce risk while simultaneously maximizing the chance of success.


Brand — Instant recognition of your business as we are established market leaders.

Proven Business Model — This model includes industry leading sales and marketing methodologies, combined with unparalleled training delivery methods.

Extensive Franchisee Training — Our franchisee training begins with an intensive one week training program for new owners and managers followed by additional training programs, staff job descriptions, ongoing training events, conferences, a wide variety of e-learning resources and more.

Comprehensive Franchisee Support — Our franchisees benefit from shared knowledge that enables them to quickly address questions and resolve business challenges. You are never alone.

Study Material — Abhimanu's  has access to one of the largest libraries of course manuals, video delivered content, web delivered training content, practice exams and more; often at much lower costs than one could find as an independent training company.


Online Learning Methodology

Online LIVE Learning

Online LIVE Learning provides students with a live expert -led experience, via the Internet, that meets specific learning objectives. Although separated by geography, instructors and students share an interactive experience, including active discussions. The advantage of live instruction, without much of discomfort, makes Online LIVE Learning an ideal training solution.

Online ANYTIME Learning

Online Anytime Learning is helping individuals hone their competitive edge in this knowledge based environment. Online Anytime Learning enables information to be delivered in a customized. Student-centric format, via the Internet, and features the same content as from a subject expert led training, from anywhere, anytime. Online Learning reduces training costs, provides easy access to educational materials and increases collaboration.

Abhimanu's online learning model

The Abhimanu's platform effectively delivers our unrivaled classroom experience directly to you over the Internet.  Abhimanu's Online programme provides a rich, engaging virtual classroom environment that allows you to easily interact with your teacher and fellow students.

Just like in our physical classrooms, you can both SEE and HEAR your instructor live as they teach your course and get clarification on your questions immediately via voice or text.

There has never been a more exciting time to build a civil services training profession.

Our success is built on three strategies:

                1.            Maintain an Aggressive Sales System

                2.            Offer Innovative, High Quality Training Solutions

                3.            Deliver the Most Complete Franchisee Training and Support


There are few steps before becoming a Abhimanu franchisee. This allows us to get to know each other better; in addition we would share further business information with you, which allows a more in-depth understanding of our franchise operation. 

The steps are:

Step 1.  Compete and submit a "Request for Consideration" (RFC) Form

Step 2.  Have an initial discussion with one of our Development Directors.

Step 3.  Complete and submit an application.

Step 4.  Conduct local market research.

Step 5.  Visit our corporate offices before finalisation of agreement.

Step 6.  Complete and submit a business plan.

Step 7.  Sign a Reservation Agreement, which holds the territory and requires a refundable deposit.

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Annu Paul Rank-671 Year-2015 (IAS)
I would like to thank the Faculty and team abhimanu for the interview Session - IAS Exam
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