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Notes Type: GS Pre cum Mains Set
#BookCode BookType Name of Booklet Pages#
1PGS01PreHistory of India145-----
2PGS02PreWorld History42-----
4PGS04Pre Cum MainsCulture of India103-----
5PGS05Pre Cum MainsGeography285-----
6PGS06Pre Cum MainsIndian Economy250-----
7PGS07Pre Cum MainsS & T and Environment245-----
8PGS08Pre Cum MainsIndian Polity314-----
9PGS09MainsSociety and Ethics144-----
10PGS10MainsIR and Security192-----
11PGS11MainsModern History and World History231-----
13BK24PreIndian History Workbook116-----
14BK25PreGeography Workbook114-----
15BK26PreIndian Polity & Constitution Workbook122-----
16BK27PreIndian Economy Workbook 100-----
17BK28PreGeneral Science Workbook110-----
18BK29Pre Environment & Suatainable Development Workbook94-----