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PCS Pre Result Interview Programme (INPCS)

 Batch Starting from 26th Dec at 10 AM (On Weekends only)

About the course


Fee and Concessions

The course has been designed for the students who have appeared in mains and are awaiting result for the same. The paucity of time after the mains result necessitates preparation before the result. The volume and the nature of preparation required for interview is unique and should be dealt with utmost care and sincerity. Recognizing the sensitivity of the matter, Abhimanu’s IAS has deployed best of its resources for the same. A brief introduction of the course has been given below, which will enable the candidates to get a full view of the course.
The approach developed is slightly hard work oriented and intensive understanding of carefully selected issues. Approach will include

  1. Preparation of various areas of interview for a week and holding of mock interviews on the areas prepared.
  2. In camera internal mocks (at least three before declaration of the result.)

Interview for civil services is not only preparing answers to few questions and memorizing them, it is about developing right attitude, behavior and approach of a good civil servant. The programme will include.

  1. Control over the actions and maintaining a desirable body language e.g. eye contact, hand movement etc.
  2. Clear understanding of the various issues through objective enquiry.
  3. Developing your owns original views (with a touch of experts?) As per your thinking and understanding.
  4. Ability to defend (in a logically acceptable way?) your views.
  5. Inculcating the diplomatic abilities.
  6. Giving frank answers ( in a polished way ? ) e.g. How to say “no” if you donot know the answer.
  7. Ability to speak formally in a natural manner.
  8. Feeling comfortable in a formal dress.

The course will systematically cover certain areas of preparation which have been delineated on the basis of experience,. At the same time it must be remembered that, there may be questions outside these areas. The list has been prepared to enable the candidate to draw confidence about their levels of preparation.

  1. Biodata based questions
  2. State/district/city
  3. Educational background
  4. Hobby/areas of interest
  5. Indian economy
  6. Indian polity
  7. Foreign policy and international relations
  8. Current affairs-national/international
  9. Abstract questions (situation based and other teasers).





Fee* (Full course) : Rs 15, 000/- (Fifteen thousand only) :

Fee Concessions

A candidate can avail only one concession at a time. Self attestation is considered sufficient for availing concession

  1. 100% fee concession for already selected candidates.
  2. 75% fee concession for candidate who have given interview at least once
  3. 50% fee concession to candidates who have already done Interview course with the institute.
  4. 25% fee concession to candidates who have already done General studies (pre/ mains) course with the institute.
  5. 10% fee concession to candidates from SC and ST category.
  6. 30% Fees Refund in case mains not cleared

Documents required

  • Photocopy of form filled at the times of mains examination.
  • Self attested undertaking with respect any concession
  • Duely filled Abhimanu's personal biodata Form.

Any clarification about this course should only be addressed to or Ms. Prabhjot Kaur - 9501114409Mr. Subhash Singh: 98148-24466


  1. The candidates must submit a Photostat copy of the form submitted at the time of Mains examination (PCS) and institute’s admission cum biodata form, positively by 26th Dec, 2018. A list of the specific questions based on individual biodata will be provided.
  2. All dues must be clear by 26th Dec, 2018.
  3. Detailed schedule of classes will be available after the start of the course