Manipur Sangai Festival 2017

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  • The annual Sangai Festival was celebrated in the northeastern state of Manipur. It is grandest festival of the state to promote Manipur as a world class tourism destination.
  • The festival showcases tourism potential of Manipur in field of arts & culture, handloom, handicrafts, indigenous sports, cuisine, music and adventure sports of the state etc.

About the Sangai festival:

  • Sangai Festival is an annual cultural extravaganza in Manipur. Every year the Government of Manipur, headed by the Tourism Department, celebrates the Sangai Festival.
  • It is ten days long cultural celebrations showcases the uniqueness of the North Eastern State.
  • Homage is paid to the shy and gentle Brow-Antlered Deer popularly known as the Sangai Deer which is found only in the state’s floating Keibul Lamjao National Park in Loktak Lake. The tourism festival promotes Manipur as a world class destination.


  • Celebrated over the past few years with the name of Tourism Festival, since 2010 the Manipur Tourism Festival has been renamed as the Sangai Festival.
  • The Sangai Festival focuses to showcase the tourism potential of Manipur. The Festival strives to promote the best of what the state has to offer to the world. Witness the best of art and culture, handlooms, handicrafts, ethnic sports, cuisines, music, adventure sports, as well as the scenic natural beauty of the land. Having assumed great importance in recent years, the 2016 edition essential celebrates ethnic diversity of the society.
  • The festival format is such that events take place all over Manipur.
  • The events held in Imphal include polo matches. Witness both the traditional polo, which originated here and contemporary sport. The traditional boat race, Hiyang-HirenTanaba is a power packed event.
  • The dance forms of Manipur deserve special mention. Ras-Leela dance, Pung Cholom and the ethnic Manipuri dance form creates magic on visitors with elegant steps and poignant music.

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Jemima ahmed Sangai festival of Monipur is very nice

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Ashutosh shukla Sangai festival is a total manipur darsan programme which provides all the activity.

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