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Current Affairs

News Insight

Ease of Living Index

14/8/2018 | Economic Affairs | Infrastructure

Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has released ‘Ease of Living Index’ of 111 cities. Highlights: Pune has ranked first while two more Maharashtra ...

Compensatory Afforestation Fund (CAF) Act 2016

14/8/2018 | Environment and Ecology | Environment

The ministry of environment, forests and climate change (MoEFCC) has come up with draft rules to implement the Compensatory Afforestation Fund (CAF ) ...

UN report: China holds million ethnic Uighurs in secret political camps

13/8/2018 | International Affairs | China

A United Nations human rights panel said that it had received many credible reports that 1 million ethnic Uighurs in China are held in what resembles ...

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Hussainiwala Bridge reopens after 47 years

12/8/2018 | Punjab | History

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman inaugurated a strategically important 280-foot long bridge at Hussainiwala that was originally blown up during the ...

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Mains Questions

8/14/2018 | Punjab | Geography Level(3)

It is believed that much of the pollution in Delhi in November every year originates in the neighbouring states of Punjab and Haryana where farmers burn their fields to dispose of crop residue. How far do you think that that this is the only reason for pollution. Also place your views on practical and cost-effective solution to deal with the problem. ...View/Post-Answer

8/14/2018 | Punjab | Geography Level(3)

Experts believe that Punjab is fast moving towards a crisis of groundwater overuse and contamination. In the light of this statement, trace the major challenges relating to the groundwater sector and suggest some measures. ...View/Post-Answer

8/13/2018 | Assam | Polity Level(3)

Neepco Flood

 Recent NEPCO release of water has caused heavy damage in the Golaghat district. But the NEEPCO administration has denied the charges. SuggestSsome way forward for such interstate nature of problems. What are the factors aggrevating the flood problem in the region? (250 words) ...View/Post-Answer

8/13/2018 | Himachal Pradesh | Economy Level(1)


 Explain the major agrarian unrests in Shimla Hill States during the colonial era ? (20 marks ) ...View/Post-Answer

8/13/2018 | Himachal Pradesh | Economy Level(1)

Himachal industry

 What are the main industrial areas of Himachal Pradesh and which are main industeries in them ? (8 marks ) ...View/Post-Answer

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Test Series

Upcoming Test Series
# Test NameFee Status
1HRTGP1(2018)(11Tests-Starting Date-02-09-2018)5000 Enroll Now
2HRTGP1_ON(2018)(11Tests-Starting Date-02-09-2018)3000 Enroll Now
3ITGP1(2019)(24Tests-Starting Date-09-09-2018)7000 Enroll Now
4ITGPON1(2019)(24Tests-Starting Date-09-09-2018)4000 Enroll Now
5ITGM1(2019)(10Tests-Starting Date-23-09-2018)7000 Enroll Now
6ITGP2(2019)(24Tests-Starting Date-06-01-2019)7000 Enroll Now
7ITGPON2(2019)(24Tests-Starting Date-06-01-2019)4000 Enroll Now
8ITGP3(2019)(14Tests-Starting Date-17-03-2019)3500 Enroll Now
9ITGPON3(2019)(28Tests-Starting Date-17-03-2019)2000 Enroll Now
10ITGP4(2019)(8Tests-Starting Date-28-04-2019)2000 Enroll Now
11ITGM2(2019)(17Tests-Starting Date-16-06-2019)6000 Enroll Now
12ITGM3(2019)(8Tests-Starting Date-01-09-2019)2000 Enroll Now

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Issues & Analysis

Legacy of the Mughal rule in Punjab

8/14/2018 | Punjab | History

The mughals ruled the Punjab for about two centuries and consequently left some permanent marks in the form of their legacy in this province. 1.Land R ...

Haryana Economy : Broad Overview

8/14/2018 | Haryana | Economy

Haryana is among the northern most states in India and adjacent to national capital Delhi. It is surrounded by Uttar Pradesh in the east, Punjab in th ...

Space Technology in Himachal state

8/13/2018 | Himachal Pradesh | Science and Technology

Aryabhatta Geo-informatics & Space Application Centre(AGiSAC) "Committed to bring geo-information for the benefit of people and sustainable developmen ...

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Impact of Guru Nanak's Teachings on Society

8/12/2018 | Punjab | Social Issues

Guru Nanak occupies a high place among the sages and seers of the world. He spent his whole life in preaching a religion based on all that was benefic ...

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Magazine Gist

Yojana-Aug2018-Fostering Entrepreneurship

8/10/2018 | Economic Affairs | Unemployment

CONTEXT: An emerging economy needs inclusivity in its programs and schemes to empower each and every section of society. Despite several years of libe ...

Frontline Gist: Issue :July 8, 2016

8/7/2016 | Social Issues | Education

Frontline Gist: Issue July 8, 2016 The Rot in School Education Significance of Education India has young population & within few years it will be most ...

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