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China's 'artificial sun'

17/11/2018 | Science Affairs | Nuclear science

Scientists announced that the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) reactor in Hefei has finally achieved a temperature exceeding 100 m ...

Maternity leave: govt. for incentive scheme

17/11/2018 | Social Issues | Gender issues

In a bid to encourage employers, especially in the private sector, to implement the extended 26-week maternity leave law, the Labour Ministry is plann ...

Indo China Talks on Annual Defence and Security

16/11/2018 | India and the world | Indo China

India and China held the ninth Annual Defence and Security Dialogue in Beijing after a one-year gap due to the Doklam standoff. Both countries agreed ...

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World Union of Wholesale Markets Conference

10/10/2018 | Haryana | Economy

Haryana Government is going to host 2018 World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) Conference at Gurugram in 10-13 October 2018. In this regard, State G ...

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Mains Questions

11/16/2018 | Geography | Urbanisation Level(2)

Impact of urbanization.

 Analyse the impact of urbanisation on the socio-economic development of India. ...View/Post-Answer

11/16/2018 | Economic Affairs | Food Processing Level(3)

Food processing

 Analyse the impact of the mega food park scheme in augmenting Farmer's income. ...View/Post-Answer

11/16/2018 | Environment and Ecology | Climate Level(2)

Climate change

India is well on the trajectory to achieve commitments under the Paris Agreement ahead of the 2030 deadline yet some bottlenecks need to be addressed to achieve milestone. Elucidate ...View/Post-Answer

11/16/2018 | Science Affairs | Space Level(1)


 Discuss the significance of recent successful GSLV Mark III launch for Indian space programme. ...View/Post-Answer

11/15/2018 | Economic Affairs | Financial System Level(2)

Money market instruments

 Innovative market instruments like letter of credit undermine the stabilty of money markets. Critically comment. ...View/Post-Answer

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Test Series

Upcoming Test Series
# Test NameFee Status
1ITGP2(2019)(24Tests-Starting Date-06-01-2019)7000 Enroll Now
2ITGPON2(2019)(24Tests-Starting Date-06-01-2019)4000 Enroll Now
3ITGP3(2019)(14Tests-Starting Date-17-03-2019)3500 Enroll Now
4ITGPON3(2019)(28Tests-Starting Date-17-03-2019)2000 Enroll Now
5ITGP4(2019)(8Tests-Starting Date-28-04-2019)2000 Enroll Now
6ITGM2(2019)(17Tests-Starting Date-16-06-2019)6000 Enroll Now
7ITGM3(2019)(8Tests-Starting Date-01-09-2019)2000 Enroll Now

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Issues & Analysis

Population Problems of Underdeveloped Countries

11/18/2018 | Geography | Population issues

There are underdeveloped countries where the level of technological development inhibits agricultural efficiency and the establishment of industry eve ...

Factors affecting Industrial Location

11/18/2018 | Geography | Industry

The location of industry at a particular place is the result of a number of decisions taken at various levels. There are certain geographical factors ...

Chemical Industry with Special Reference to Petro-chemicals

11/18/2018 | Geography | Industry

Chemical industry is based on two types of raw materials: natural like minerals, coal, petroleum, salts, potash, sulphur, limestone, gypsum and vegeta ...

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10/13/2018 | Governance Issues | E-Governanace

(Articles covered - E-Governance: Grievance Redress for a new India 2022 & Public Grievance Redressal : Governance Challenge) Grievance Redress Mechan ...

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Magazine Gist


11/12/2018 | Social Issues | Social Justice

What is National Bamboo Mission ? Bamboo is a versatile group of plants which is capable of providing ecological, economic and livelihood security to ...

Frontline Gist: Issue :July 8, 2016

8/7/2016 | Social Issues | Education

Frontline Gist: Issue July 8, 2016 The Rot in School Education Significance of Education India has young population & within few years it will be most ...

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