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Current Affairs

News Insight

RBI alters ‘relative’ definition

21/6/2018 | Economic Affairs | Financial System

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has narrowed the definition of relatives to check the flow of funds. There are some concerns over funds sent abroad under ...

28th Meeting of Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG)

21/6/2018 | Security Issues | International Institutions

28th NSG plenary meeting was held recently in Jurmala, Latvia. With this, Latvia has become the first Baltic state to Chair the NSG. There was no head ...

India BPO promotion scheme

20/6/2018 | Science Affairs | Information Technology

The Union government is planning to expand its BPO promotion scheme under the Digital India initiative, it will more than double the number of seats u ...

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Water Management Index

17/6/2018 | Geography | Resources

NITI Aayog has prepared a report on Composite Water Management Index (CWMI). Highlights of index: The report ranks Gujarat as number one in the refere ...

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Mains Questions

6/21/2018 | Science Affairs | Computers Level(1)


Quantum computing is the technology which is expected to provide a quantum leap into the future. What could be potential applications of quantum computing technology? ...View/Post-Answer

6/21/2018 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology Level(2)

Emerging technologies

Genome editing technologies have advanced significantly over the past few years. Discuss major application of genome editing technologies. What are the ethical concerns about genome editing? ...View/Post-Answer

6/21/2018 | Science Affairs | Nuclear science Level(2)

Nuclear energy

Embargoes have only increased India's self-reliance in the nuclear field. How important are the fast-breeder reactors in ensuring India's energy security? ...View/Post-Answer

6/21/2018 | Indian Polity | Civil services Level(2)

Is All India Service an aberration of Indian federalism? Analyse the role of Indian civil servants post-liberalization. ...View/Post-Answer

6/21/2018 | Indian Polity | Parliament Level(3)

The parliamentary system of government envisages a close link between the Executive and the Legislature.In this context, explain;

a)The manner in which the Legislature controls the Executive in a state; and

b)The Principles of collective responsibility and individual responsibility. ...View/Post-Answer

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Test Series

Upcoming Test Series
# Test NameFee Status
1ITPUB(2018)(7Tests-Starting Date-24-06-2018)7000 Enroll Now
2 ITHIS (2018)(8Tests-Starting Date-24-06-2018)7000 Enroll Now
3ITGM6(2018)(9Tests-Starting Date-28-06-2018)3000 Enroll Now
4ITGP1(2019)(24Tests-Starting Date-09-09-2018)7000 Enroll Now
5ITGPON1(2019)(24Tests-Starting Date-09-09-2018)4000 Enroll Now
6ITGM1(2019)(10Tests-Starting Date-23-09-2018)7000 Enroll Now
7ITGP2(2019)(24Tests-Starting Date-06-01-2019)7000 Enroll Now
8ITGPON2(2019)(24Tests-Starting Date-06-01-2019)4000 Enroll Now
9ITGP3(2019)(14Tests-Starting Date-17-03-2019)3500 Enroll Now
10ITGPON3(2019)(28Tests-Starting Date-17-03-2019)2000 Enroll Now
11ITGP4(2019)(8Tests-Starting Date-28-04-2019)2000 Enroll Now
12ITGM2(2019)(17Tests-Starting Date-16-06-2019)6000 Enroll Now
13ITGM3(2019)(8Tests-Starting Date-01-09-2019)2000 Enroll Now

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Issues & Analysis

Dalit protest-sign of social progress ?

6/19/2018 | Social Issues | Disadvantaged Groups

Dalit discontent has been piling up in the recent years.The most significant aspect of the widespread dalit protests across the country against the de ...

AADHAAR - Benefits and Privacy Concerns

6/16/2018 | Security Issues | Cyber Security

Aadhar has become a primary document of identity of citizens of India and this identity doesn't only include demographic info but also the biometrics ...

Need New Set of Fundamental Duties ?

6/11/2018 | Indian Polity | Fundamental Duties

Recently Madras High Court, in its judgement observed that a section of activists, who talk about human rights, have stopped thinking about the duties ...

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Dalit protest-sign of social progress ?

6/19/2018 | Social Issues | Disadvantaged Groups

Dalit discontent has been piling up in the recent years.The most significant aspect of the widespread dalit protests across the country against the de ...

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Magazine Gist

Yojana - April 2018 - Northeast region of India

6/2/2018 | Economic Affairs | Growth and development

THE GEOGRAPHICAL SETTING OF NORTH EAST INDIA Though it has been repeatedly held up as the gateway for India's Look East policy, the country's growth s ...

Frontline Gist: Issue :July 8, 2016

8/7/2016 | Social Issues | Education

Frontline Gist: Issue July 8, 2016 The Rot in School Education Significance of Education India has young population & within few years it will be most ...

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