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Agni-V Missile

12/12/2018 | Science Affairs | Defence

India successfully test-fired nuclear-capable ballistic missile Agni-5, which has a strike range of 5,000 km, from Dr Abdul Kalam island off the Odish ...

Health Ministry notifies four more devices under Drugs and Cosmetics Act

12/12/2018 | Social Issues | Health

Recently Government has notified commonly used medical devices such as nebulizers, blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers and glucometers under ...

Supreme Court issues notice to 5 states over land acquisition law changes

11/12/2018 | Indian Polity | Supreme Court

The Supreme Court HAS asked five states to give their response to a petition filed by social activists questioning the state amendments made to the la ...

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World Union of Wholesale Markets Conference

10/10/2018 | Haryana | Economy

Haryana Government is going to host 2018 World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) Conference at Gurugram in 10-13 October 2018. In this regard, State G ...

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Mains Questions

12/12/2018 | Science Affairs | Biotechnology Level(2)


President Xi Jinping has set a goal of turning China into “a global scientific and technology power” by 2049. However country’s intense focus on scientific achievement has come at the expense of ethical standards. Elucidate ...View/Post-Answer

12/10/2018 | Science Affairs | IPR Level(1)

 Geographical Indications have the potential to be India’s growth engine. Discuss ...View/Post-Answer

12/10/2018 | Economic Affairs | Agriculture Level(1)

Importance of millets

 In the light of the looming agriculture crisis in India, examine the importance of Millets in tiding over the crisis. ...View/Post-Answer

12/10/2018 | Environment and Ecology | Pollution Level(3)


Critically evaluate why using cloud seeding technique to improve the air quality & mitigate air pollution in the Indo-Gangetic belt might not give desired results. ...View/Post-Answer

12/7/2018 | India and the world | India - UAE Level(1)


 Write a note on the detailed anti-terrorism cooperation between India and UAE. Had the cooperation been of the level it is today, would the aircraft hijacking have ever happened? ...View/Post-Answer

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Test Series

Upcoming Test Series
# Test NameFee Status
1ITGP2(2019)(24Tests-Starting Date-06-01-2019)7000 Enroll Now
2ITGPON2(2019)(24Tests-Starting Date-06-01-2019)4000 Enroll Now
3ITGP3(2019)(14Tests-Starting Date-17-03-2019)3500 Enroll Now
4ITGPON3(2019)(28Tests-Starting Date-17-03-2019)2000 Enroll Now
5ITGP4(2019)(8Tests-Starting Date-28-04-2019)2000 Enroll Now
6ITGM2(2019)(17Tests-Starting Date-16-06-2019)6000 Enroll Now
7ITGM3(2019)(8Tests-Starting Date-01-09-2019)2000 Enroll Now

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Issues & Analysis

Drainage Pattern in Peninsular India (Role of Geological Structure and Topography)

12/13/2018 | Geography | Physical aspects of India

What is Darinage pattern ? The geometric patterns, fractals and chaos reflected by the arrangement of the master stream, its tributaries and sub-tribu ...

Foehn, Depression and Richter Scale

12/13/2018 | Geography | Climate

FOEHN Katabatic or the gravity flow winds system of Alps across the geographical expanses of Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Italy. it is a local or te ...

Spatial distribution of Tropical Cyclones

12/13/2018 | Geography | Climate

10 stringent factors determine the genesis and locational coordinates of a Tropical Cyclone. High temperatures, high humidity, strong convectional cur ...

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Artificial rain (Cloud seeding)

11/19/2018 | Science Affairs | Science and Technology

Cloud seeding is an artificial way to create rainfall. It is done either by using artillery to fire shells containing rain-inducing chemicals such as ...

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Magazine Gist

Helping Women Gain Control of their Lives

11/27/2018 | Social Issues | Yojana

Introduction The concept of empowerment is defined as the process by which women take control and ownership of their choices. Entrepreneurship develop ...

Frontline Gist: Issue :July 8, 2016

8/7/2016 | Social Issues | Education

Frontline Gist: Issue July 8, 2016 The Rot in School Education Significance of Education India has young population & within few years it will be most ...

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