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Introduction of Abhimanu Group

Abhimanu group of companies include Abhimanu Visions establishes in 1999 , Chetna initiatives started in 2004 , Abhimanu Adventures in 2009, Abhimanu Creations 2009, Branching Expansion Business (now Edu Gain) in 2012, NIECD in 2014, Abhipedia in 2015, AIC Mantra in 2016 and recent incorporation of Abhimanu Edu- Gain. Abhimanu Vision is the parent copy in the Abhimanu group.

Abhimanu Visions is essentially a product of somebody’s unlimited vision; a vision of providing the best of the products and services in that domain of human endeavour which largely is in its nascent stage of evolution even in the present context and more or less is still considered as a fledgling industry…

Nevertheless, an unlimited vision and a relentless desire to see the fruition of such a vision through unabated efforts has what that created the beautiful edifice of Abhimanu’s IAS study group that today stands tall and aloft among all its counterparts not only in the region, but anywhere in the country as well.

It has undoubtedly become an object of everybody’s envy although, some have equally tried to emulate Abhimanu’s style and stature without much success just because, you can only copy somebody’s outwardly features but certainly not somebody’s intrinsic vision that largely comes with somebody’s way of looking at life.

The Inception

Abhimanu vision’s came into inception in the year 1999 as a brain child of Mr. Parveen Bansal, CMD Abhimanu Group who personified a live example of what it takes to think beyond the ordinary and stretching someone’s vision to create a magnificent piece of educational splendour where the seekers are not only made to act like passive or docile learners, but active participants in the two way communication process so that they could emerge out as complete individuals at the end of the day ready for making a successful career in the civil services or elsewhere.

The journey that started around 18 years ago was quite humble and the going was certainly tough as Abhimanu Visions embarked upon the highly tortuous path of imparting civil services training to the budding aspirants with just a handful of students such that the returns in monetary terms were not enough to pay off even the monthly rent of the premises that was hired in the then secluded, low market area of sector 24, Chandigarh where it does exist even today to serve as a reminiscent of that humble journey that will soon get near to its destination some day.

Abhimanu Visions today

A complete organization of the likeminded people: Today Abhimanu Visions has not only proliferated horizontally, but vertically as well and presents a semblance of an organization that is constituted of the likeminded people who believe in the core philosophy of team work, ever willing to place the organization in a new trajectory with constant innovation, team work and concerted efforts. This is no surprise that Abhimanu visions today stands in a class of its own having carved its own niche in the arena of civil services training.

Its organizational structure embraces today a matrix organization wherein, every individual is considered as an equal partner to the organizational success rather than being considered a ‘cog in the wheel’ who will be administered under a strictly vertical militarized hierarchy.
In order to achieve coherence in its functionality, Abhimanu Visions operates under different functional heads, each responsible for its own core functional areas. While operations chain looks after all the operational aspects of the organization right from ensuring a strict adherence to the regular schedule of the classes from the faculty concerned. So does the administrative chain that caters to the administrative aspects of the organization as a whole. Similarly, the academics chain looks after the academic aspects of the organization as such.
The Success rate: Starting from a humble beginning of just a handful of students to over 2000 students today, Abhimanu has produced with élan more than 1000 selections in the last 15 years of its existence with top ranks in UPSC as well as in State civil services.

The Coaching par-excellence

Abhimanu’s coaching par excellence is confined not only to conventional class room lectures, but entrenched very much in its quality and unmatched study material being prepared, updated and enriched by a team of experts drawn from the areas of their specialization and expertise. Incidentally, the coaching framework at Abhimanu’s has always been standardized in such a way that it has been made to work in consonance with the current callings of the time by keeping a pace with the changing technology and how it can best serve the interests of the students at large. Some of the key highlights and features of the same may be delineated as below:
A system of organized lectures that are being synchronized strictly to run in coherence with the three aspects of the study material that is distributed among the students in the form of work sheets, work books to be supplemented by the main study material booklets.

The printed study material besides the above, does incorporate a host of other printed handouts being passed on to the students at regular intervals especially those are of current significance and require a threadbare analysis on any particular issue to let a student know and comprehend the entire nitty-gritty of the same for building an effective answer. Some topics of the auxiliary importance from the civil services point of view are being compiled to broaden the horizon of a student as well as giving him an edge over his competitors in the battle cardinal of the civil services and thus, have been christened as AV-edge.

A sound and fool-proof testing system has been put in place through on-line testing system being conducted in the form of OMR sheets test evaluation system to let a student have an exact feel of the UPSC examination system.
Student support system through online mode has been given a greater emphasis by making an ample use of the information technology. Through the medium of this online platform, a student can not only participate in the meaningful discussion forums, but can ask questions on any subject and topic and seek prompt answers from the faculty concerned.
Online video classes( Missed Lecture Facility) is another hallmark of Abhimanu coaching and is being promoted in a big way wherein, a student can watch any video lecture somehow, being missed by him and that too from the comforts of his her home. Otherwise, the same can be watched here in the Institute any time on demand.

The social media such as facebook is another platform offered to all students and even to those budding aspirants who want to share information and seek tips on the various aspects of the civil services preparation.
Above all, a seasoned faculty strength of over 30 people continue to enrich the coaching excellence at Abhimanu Visions through their unparalled experience and expertise who have been drawn from their subject areas of specialization after a thorough screening and pruning system. The faculty system is designed in such a way so as to provide personal care to the student.
Last but not the least, an Academic team of over 10 people (content development and standardization) coupled with a strength of over 25 non-teaching staff have all been instrumental in making Abhimanu Visions what it is today and has long been known for and doubtlessly, so even in the times to come!
In fulfilling the objective of corporate social responsibility abhimanus provide scholarships to economically weaker sections which even goes to 100%. Discounts are given to economically weaker sections.

A well stocked library is maintained within the centre, where the students can sit and study in peaceful environment.

Abhimanu Visions has recently establishes a school by the name of Ramgarh global Gurukul ( www.ramgarhglobalgurukul.com) in the lap of Himalayas. The school is spread across 40 bighas of property. The session 2015-16 has commenced. The school is being run by Chetna Trust which has its members as eminent academicians.

Topper Speaks

Shashank Gupta
Shashank Gupta Rank-2 Year-2018 (HAS)
I want to thanks Abhimanu Team for guiding me through my journey to join civil services...many thanks to them. SHASHANK GUPTA (RANK 2, HAS 2018)
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