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I am doing Job !!!!

Which Course is best for Me ?

  The Situation

Class Room Courses

Doing job creates certain compulsions which inhibit a person from developing a further career. At abhimanu we provide counselling for making a plan at Advance  Learning centre. Its totally free of cost as apart of social responsibility effort.

We have various options various options including regular/weekend/self study  courses which cansuit your requirements. These courses has been carefully designed to take into account your time constraint , resources constraint etc.


  • Morning/evening regular course
  • 2 year wekend course
  • study at hime and succeed (self study option)

 Typical (9.00-5.00PM job with weekends off


Two year weekened general studies  Programme

  • Coverage of whole syllabus of General studies
  • Classes only on saturday and Sunday
  • Daily 3-4 Hours study requirement


One Year Regular course (Morning , evening )

  • 6 days a week classes for General studies
  • Daily 6-7 hours of study required.

See GS courses for detilas

SAHAS (Study at Home and Succeed


Busy job with no classroom coaching option


Study at Home and Succeed (SAHAS) : Mentor led learning model

  • Make a plan with Mentor
  • Get study material
  • regularly consult your Mentor
  • Give tests


Combine SAHAS with Crash and smart Courses

  • Join two/three months crash /smart courses to supplement your self study

See SAHAS OPtions

For more details and to find out if Which program fits in your goals and situation pls send a mail to info@abhimanu.com with your full name, contact number, city .  We will get in touch for best possible solution for you.

Best Regards,
Subhash Singh

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Seniour Counsellor | Abhimanu IAS 

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