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RECOMMENDED BOOKS For Civil Services Preparation

General Studies (Pre and Mains)

Indian Polity and Governanace (Pre and Mains)

Basic Books

Indian constitution at work

Text book (Political science) NCERT +1

Politics in India since independence

Text book (Political science) NCERT +2

An Introduction to constitution

D.D. Basu

Perspectives in Indian constitution

Ed. By Subhash Kashyap

Our Parliament

Subhash Kashyap

Governance in India

M Laxmikanth

Reference Books


Constitution of India (bare act)

P. M. Bakshi

Abhimanu’s IAS Study Group Resources         (Pre and Mains Combined Notes Available)

Economy and Development issues (Pre and Mains)

Basic Books

Understanding economic development

Text book (Social science) NCERT Class X

Indian Economic development

Text book (Economics) NCERT +1


Text book (Economics) NCERT +2

Economic Survey

Finance Ministry, GOI

Reference Books


Indian Economy

Dutt and Sundaram/ Mishra and Puri

Abhimanu’s IAS Study Group Resources         (Pre and Mains Combined Notes Available)

History ( pre cum Mains)

Basic Books

Themes in Indian History Part-I, II, III

Text book (History) NCERT +2

May also refer to old NCERT books

Avaliable in institute for reference

India’s struggle for Independence

Bipin Chandra

India Since Independence

Bipin Chandra

Abhimanu’s IAS Study Group Resources (Notes Available Separately For Pre and Mains)

Geography ( Pre cum Mains)

Basic Books

Fundamentals of physical geography

Text book (Geography) NCERT +1

India – Physical environment

Text book (Geography) NCERT +1

India – People and economy

Text book (Geography) NCERT +2

Fundamentals of Human Geography

Text book (Geography) NCERT +2

Certificate Physical and Human Geography         

Goh Cheng Leong

Oxford School Atlas or any good Atlas


Reference Books

Indian Geography


Physical Geography

Strahlar and Strahlar

Indian and World Geography

Majid Hussain

Abhimanu’s IAS Study Group Resources          (Notes Available Separately For Pre and Mains)

Science and Technology ( pre cum mains)

Basic Books

For Preliminary



Text book (Science)NCERT - 6th to 10th standard

Concise Biology

ICSE class X

For Mains

Articles from Newspapers and Magazines

Popular Science Series


Environment & Ecology

Newsapapers, Magazines  or any compiled notes

Reports Of the Ministry of Science and Technology


IAS Study Group Resources        (Notes Available Separately For Pre and Mains)

Society in india ( Mains)

For Mains

News papers, Seminar Magazine

India: Development and Participation

Amartya Sen and Jean Dreze


Abhimanu’s IAS Study Group Resources        Notes Available

Security issues and international relations

Journal of peace Studies


World Focus


Strategic Analysis


Abhimanu’s IAS Study Group Resources        Notes Available

Current Affairs ( pre cum mains)

Contemporary world politics         

Text book (Political science) NCERT +2

Articles from Newspapers and Magazines, Use of various TV channels


Abhimanu’s IAS Study Group Resources Notes Available (Separately For Pre and Mains) -

Distributed Twice A Year through Internet in the months of July-August and Nov-December.

Additional General Readings (Both For Pre and Mains)

India Year Book (Printed every year)

Any good year book

Popular Science Series (CSIR)

New paper- The Hindu , The Tribune                

Magazines - Frontline, Yojana, science reporter, Seminar

Other recents books/magazines referred by institute from time to time , for this keep on looking at notice boards



  • These textbooks are recommended by the institute administration, any clarification can be sought from the office or through E-Mail ;
  • It is recommended that a student should read basic NCERT books before going for advanced texts.
  • Reference books may be referred for particular topics but they may not be red thoroughly, institute will not be responsible for time wasted by the candidate.