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Jammu Pathankot Mandi Kangra Uttaranchal
Dehradoon bathinda Karnal Rohtak Hissar


  • Civil services coaching business involves lot of prestige and status. To run IAS coaching centres across multiple locations it requires a special knack and a huge infrastructure which includes Academic team/IT team/Content developers/support staff and a proven franchise model.
  • Abhimanu business partner has just to replicate its successful business model which is being run from last 6 years. Through this model we have made inroads in far off locations and produced civil servants who would otherwise could not move to major cities for this highly specialized coaching.
  • Few players : due to the nature of the coaching there are not many brands in smaller towns as they do not possess this state of the art technology.
  • R.O.I : The return in this coaching is not just limited to monetary gains but our business partner is a class apart as this adds to the repute and becomes the talk of the town in a short span of time.

Franchise business in India

Franchising sector in India is growing at a swift pace of 35 -38 per cent per annum

  •  The market size of the franchising sector is estimated to be US $7.2 billion and is expected to reach US $20 billion by 2013
  •  Around 1,200 franchisee owners in the country, having more than 1, 00,000 franchisees across the country.

“Franchising in India is the new way of doing business. There has never been a right time for business owners to expand their education brand through franchising. Education is a growing sector and offers potential business opportunities, where a huge part of it lies with the educational concepts which can be spread through franchising “


 India has the world’s largest youth population which wants to receive quality education with world class training systems

  •  With 17 per cent share in the organized sector education industry, India offers a huge potential for education entities looking to spread their concept in India through franchising and educating the young Indian population
  •  Education is the second largest household expenditure after food.
  •  Presently in India, not only middle and upper middle classes, but even the poor families spend 20 per cent of their disposable income on private schools and universities
  •  We expect drastic changes in online education in the next 2-3 years period. The online education market is set to grow to $ 40 billion by 2017 from the present $ 20 billion,"(Economic Times)

Abhimanu IAS business model

Abhimanu provides a two way communication platform through its cutting edge technology which is a customized project undertaken in 2011. A high level team of engineers/coding professionals was formed to provide civil services classes to students sitting in different look and corner of the country.

First pilot centre was set up in Patiala and within first year almost 100 students tasted this success mantra.

There was no looking back and Abhimanu team added new centres at the time when franchising in Education had taken a dip. Abhimanu Team added centres without advertising the favorite Tagline “ Franchise enquiries solicited”.

The best moment came when Abhimanu produced civil servants through the online live learning model. With the help of our channel partners who despite having other businesses were taking keen interest in harvesting such a novel success.

Online LIVE Learning

Online LIVE Learning provides students with a live Expert -led experience, via the Internet, that meets specific learning objectives. Although separated by geography, instructors and students share an interactive experience, including active discussions. The advantage of live instruction, without much of discomfort, makes online LIVE learning an ideal training solution.

The Abhmanu platform effectively delivers our unrivaled classroom experience directly to you over the Internet. Abhimanu Online programme provides a rich, engaging virtual classroom environment that allows you to easily interact with your teacher and fellow students.
Just like in our physical classrooms, you can both SEE and HEAR your instructor live as they teach your course and get clarification on your questions immediately via voice or text.

Online courses are taught by the same experienced, top-tier experts . Our extensive course schedule makes it easy to find a class that is convenient to your schedule.

With Online Teaching, we provide you an effective and proven online learning option with an extensive learning catalog and the freedom to attend from virtually anywhere.

All our virtual classrooms are equipped with latest technical instruments and supported 24/7 support team. This team is in regular contact with the academic professionals to provide real time classroom environment. The up gradation of Network and the technical instrument is done on regular intervals. Multilayer back up support in terms of technology and power back up is available at each location. The technical team provides high definition recorded video lecture to the students who are not able to attend the class for some emergency reasons.

The class lecture reaches in the system of the student after a request email to the concerned department. The next in techlogy upgradation is Abhimanu ONLINE ANYTIME ANYWHERE LEARNING Model .

Abhimanu online learning model will be helpful to individuals hone their competitive edge in this knowledge based environment. Online ANYTIME learning enables information to be delivered in a customized, student-centric format, via the Internet, and features the same content as from a subject expert led training, from anywhere, anytime. Online Learning reduces training costs, provides easy access to educational materials and increases collaboration.

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