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1How many medals were won by India at Rio Olympics? What can be done to improve our performance?
2What were the mascots of Asian Games 2018?
3Which is your favorite IPL team? Is IPL promoting regionalism?
4What were major recommendations of Lodha panel? Should betting be legalized?
5Who is current coach of Indian cricket/hockey/football team?
6Name player of tournament of FIFA World Cup?
7In which sport can you win the Davis Cup?
8What is football called in England? Why football is called soccer?
9Name women sport personalities who have made their name at international level?
10What are most common sports injuries?
11Which is the biggest sporting event in the world?
12What does f1 mean? How long does a grand prix last?
13What are the rules for serving in badminton/tennis?
14What do you understand by term ‘Deuce’?
15Is test cricket dying? Can night tests save it?
16Why are outdoor games more popular than indoor games?
17What were three major sports highlights of this year?
18Who is your favorite sportsperson & why?
19Define sportsmanship.
20What is DRS technology?
21Where are India's Rural Olympics, formally known as the Kila Raipur Sports Festival held?
22What can be done to improve India’s ranking in FIFA?
23Should yoga recognized as a sport?
24How many players are part of playing team in basketball & volleyball?
25Term ‘Diamond’ is associated with which sport?
26Should cricket be made our national sport?
27What can be done to promote traditional sports like Kho-kho?
28What do Olympic rings signify?
29Winner of this year Wimbledon titles?
30Name current Grand Master in chess?
31What is Jallikattu? Why was it in news?
32Winner of this year IPL?
33What are commonly used chemicals for doping?
34What is tennis elbow?
35Why is ashes called Ashes?
36Terms ‘Pot’ & ‘Cue’ are associated with which sport?
37Winner of this year’s Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award?