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S.NoTitleDescriptionLecture ByDurationThumbnail
Lecture: 1Quantitative Aptitude + ReasoningVedic Maths; Blood Relation Mr. Rajan Baghla2Hour42Min
Lecture: 2Quantitative Aptitude + ReasoningVedic Mathematics-Square-root cube root; Reasoning- Blood Relations; Calendar Mr. Rajan Baghla2.5 hrs.
Lecture: 3Quantitative Aptitude + ReasoningVedic Mathematics; Reasoning- Calendar; Directions Mr. Rajan Baghla2.5 Hrs.
Lecture: 4Quantitative Aptitude + Logical ReasoningPercentage; Coding-Decoding Mr. Rajan Baghla
Lecture: 5Punjabi Language-Phrases; ComprehensionPhrases; Comprehension Karamjeet Singh2.5 Hrs
Lecture: 6English Language-ComprehensionsBasics of Comprehension Types of Questions under Comprehension Tips to tackle comprehension Jasmeet Singh1.5 hrs.
Lecture: 7Quantitative Aptitude + ReasoningPercentage; Ranking. Mr. Rajan Baghla2.5 Hrs
Lecture: 8Quantitative Aptitude + ReasoningSimple interest-Compound Interest ; Puzzles. Mr. Rajan Baghla2.5 Hrs.
Lecture: 9English- Verb agreement. All basic rules covered with examples. Jasmeet Singh1.5 Hrs.
Lecture: 10Punjabi Language-Idioms; ComprehensionIdioms; Comprehension Karamjeet Singh1.5 Hrs.
Lecture: 11Quantitative Aptitude + ReasoningSeries and sitting arrangement Mr. Rajan Baghla
Lecture: 12Quantitative Aptitude + ReasoningSitting Arrangement and Profit Loss Mr. Rajan Baghla2.5 Hrs.
Lecture: 13EnglishAntonymns Tips to learn them Jasmeet Singh1.5 Hrs.
Lecture: 14Punjabi language-Singular-Plural; ComprehensionSingular-Plural; Comprehension Karamjeet Singh1hours21min
Lecture: 15Quantitative Aptitude + Logical ReasoningNon-Verbal Reasoning Mr. Rajan Baghla
Lecture: 16Quantitative Aptitude + Logical ReasoningProfit and Loss Mr. Rajan Baghla2.5 Hrs.
Lecture: 17EnglishComprehensions and Synonyms Tips to learn Jasmeet Singh1hours56min
Lecture: 18Punjabi language-One word Substitute; ComprehensionOne word Substitute; Comprehension Karamjeet Singh
Lecture: 19Quantitative Aptitude + ReasoningNumber System Mr. Rajan Baghla2hours32min
Lecture: 20Punjabi Language-Suffix; Prefix; ComprehensionSuffix; Prefix; Comprehension Karamjeet Singh
Lecture: 21Quantitative Aptitude + Logical ReasoningProbability; HCF; LCM; Time and Work; Chain Rule Mr. Rajan Baghla2.5 Hrs.
Lecture: 22Quantitative Aptitude + Logical ReasoningTime and Work; Average; Allegation, clocks; Data Sufficiency. Mr. Rajan Baghla2.5 Hrs.
Lecture: 23Quantitative Aptitude + ReasoningClocks; Combination and Probability Mr. Rajan Baghla2.5 Hrs.
Lecture: 24Quantitative Aptitude + ReasoningProbability- Dice, balls, cards, Data Interpretation Mr. Rajan Baghla2hours58min
Lecture: 25Quantitative Aptitude + ReasoningPractice and Doubts; Ratio and Proportion; Partnership Mr. Rajan Baghla3 Hrs.
Lecture: 26English- Grammar -DeterminerGrammar -Determiners and related doubts Jasmeet Singh2 hrs.
Lecture: 27Englsih- Antonyms and Synonyms Antonyms and Synonyms and practice questions. Jasmeet Singh2.5 Hrs.
Lecture: 28English- Test DiscussionGrammar classes Types of questions which can come Mr. Rajan Baghla1hours06min

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