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  • Geography


1What is role of geography in administration?
2How has the geography of India influenced its history?
3What are major causes of earthquakes in India?
4What are the major industrial regions in India?
5Difference b/w Rabi & Kharif crops?
6What are zaid crops?
7How are oxbow lakes formed?
8Which is biggest rice exporting port of USA?
9What is Vinson Massif?
10How are Fold Mountains formed?
11Why Pacific ring of fire is named so?
12What are heat islands?
13What is jet lag?
14What are effects of rotation of the earth?
15Differentiate b/w Mohorovicic & Gutenberg discontinuity?
16How are metamorphic rocks formed?
17What causes plate movements?
18What is impact of La-nina on India?
19Name state with lowest proportion of Schedule castes?
20What is southern oscillation?
21Define Karewas.
22How jet streams influence our climate?
23Give names of important peaks of Sahyadris?
24What are important passes of Kashmir?
25What is Caatinga?
26Why is sky blue in color?
27How does geographical location shape the history of a country?
28How did geography affect early civilizations?
29What is impact of El-nino on Indian monsoon?
30What is Bhabar?
31What constitutes a smart city?
32Why are red soils red in colour?
33What are various products of volcanic eruption?
34What is the Significance of Coriolis force in influencing climates ?
35Differentiate tropical cyclones from temperate cyclones
36What is contour ploughing?