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Art & Culture

1What is the difference between Culture and Tradition ?
2What are popular themes in Indian art?
3What are the three basic teachings of Hinduism?
4What is theme of Guler paintings?
5Who wrote ‘Lilavati’? What is it about?
6Name different schools of Indian philosophy?
7Names of World heritage sites of North India.
8Difference b/w Baluchari & Chikankari.
9What is significance of Losar?
10Differentiate Hindustani music from Carnatic music.
11Name famous gharanas.
12What is Gatka?
13Who is known as father of street theatre?
14What are reasons for decline of circus ? Can we call it a Art form ?
15Who wrote Ain-a-Akbari & Akbar Nama?
16Famous works of Kalidas.
17Differentiate b/w mathura & Gandhara schools.
18When Lepakshi paintings came into prominence?
19Ustaad Mansoor is famous for?
20Differentiate b/w Rajput paintings & Pahari paintings?
21Name some contemporary painters & their major works.
22What are principal ragas?
23What are Barwata, Mohran & Banka?
24Is poetry a dying art?
25Should there be censorship in art/movies?
26What is meant by cultural conflict? What does cultural gap mean?
27What difference do you see between Art/Culture/Heritage/Tradition ?
28Seals in Harrapan art were made up of?
29Differentiate b/w Chaityas & Viharas
30Characteristics of madhubani paintings.
31What is Sattriya? It evolved in which part of country?
32What is Gombeyatta?
33What is role of Sangeeet Natak Academy?
34Name Padma Vibhushan awardees in art category.