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Bio Data Based Questions

1What is the meaning of your name?
2Why you want to become an IAS/PCS officer?
3Who is you role model in the life?
4What has motivated you to opt for these services?
5Why you want to leave your original profession?
6Why you have chosen these optionals?
7How your optionals can help you in the administration?
8Why you have chosen these optionals?
9How your optionals can help you in the administration?
10How you have developed this hobby?
11How your optionals can help you in the administration?
12Why we should select you?
13What you will do if not selected?
14Why you have taken these Job preferences?
15What will be your priorities after becoming a civil servant?
16Give an example of a situation where you were sincere and honest
17 Tell us about yourself
18What have you been doing since you graduation/post graduation?
19What are your personal goals in life?
20What are your strengths and weaknesses?
21 What rewards do you expect from your career in the service you wish to opt for?
22What contribution do you think you can make in the job you are hoping to take up?
23What would you like to see yourself doing five or six years from now?
24 What is it that will motivate you to put forth your best efforts?
25Why you have chosen these service preferences?
26National and international events on your day and year of birth?
27With which famous personalities you share your name/DOB and what you have learnt from them?
28Should student politics be banned ?