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Indian Polity

1What are the three key words in Preamble? What is the basic structure of the Indian Constitution ?
2Which Fundamental right has the largest scope and why?
3Should India adopt Presidential form of Government?
4Why does not governments implement UCC ? Is it required or appropriate for Indian society ?
5Should sale of liquor by banned?
6What are the main causes of criminalization of politics in India? Why the situation not same in western countries?
7 Should there be educational criteria for MPs /MLAs?
8 Why ARC-II recommended establishment of legislative councils in every state?
9 Should CEC be appointed by a collegium?
10 Why the qualifications of members and chairman of UPSC are not prescribed?
11 What are the limitations of CBI?
12 Why NDC is called super cabinet?
13 Why the recommendations of administrative reforms committee/commissions are given cold shoulders in India?
14 What is the difference between civil servant and public servant?
15Who is a whistle blower ? Features of concerned legislation.
16 Why is anti defection law is called anti democratic?
17 Which is the most required electoral reform?
18 What are the major hurdles in National Integration?
19 Is there any need to review Indian constitution now?
20 How correct is the creation of new states? Is language a good criterion?
21 Who is a citizen?
22 Do you think that citizenship by birth should be necessary criteria for certain higher appointments?
23 What are your views regarding dual citizenship
24 What is the relevance of DPSPs? What is the difference between F.R. & DPSP? Do you think the DPSPs curtail the FRs?
25 What is the position of the president? Is he a mere rubber stamp?
26 What do you know about judicial activism? Do you think that the S.C. has overdone it?
27 What is PIL? What are the problems associated with it?
28 How will you define judicial restraint?
29 How do you think that corruption in lower echelons of judiciary be checked?
30 What changes do you suggest in the appointment & powers of governor to prevent its misuse?
31 Is the 2nd house relevant?
32 Is CAT, an encroachment on the Jurisdiction of H.C.?
33 Comment on the relevance & benefits of family courts, Lok adalats, Nyaya Panchayats?
34 What is cooperative federalism?
35 What are the major eyesores in centre state relations? How to check them?
36 How justified is the demand for greater state autonomy?
37 What are the various provisions in the constitution for the protection of minorities, SC & STs?
38 Should article 370 be abrogated ? Do you concur with Narendra Modi's View on it
39 What major electoral reforms do you suggest ? Do you agree with the supreme court rulings
40 What is the criterion for recognition of a regional & national parties?
41 How important is internal party democracy?
42 Are opinion polls/exit polls justified?
43 Give some suggestions to strengthen the institution of Lok Pal & CVC?
44 Should article 356 be scrapped?
45 Trace the history of PRIs in India?
46 What are the various problems faced by PRIs today?
47 Has the 33% reservation for women in PRIs been a successful Step?
48 Suggest some steps to strengthen PRIs?
49 What are the main causes of criminalization of politics in India? Why the situation not same in western countries?
50Which word of preamble you like the most.
51Whom would you like to see as PM: Rahul, Modi & Kajriwal
52Should we switch nee to Presidential form of government.
53Who can code territory of India: Exec/Leg/Judiciary.
54What is mosting problem with Indian Politics.
55Which element reform is the need of hour.
56What is Judicial Activism.
57List down three major challenges between Indian Polity.
58What would be your priority after securing a civil servant.
59Who is your role model in Indian Politics & why.
60Is politics a dirty game.
61Do you favour creation of new & Bhullar Stated?
62What is the root cause of corruption.
63Despite all efforts why corruption is not routing out.
64What is governance.
65What is good governance.
66If you are appointed D.C. how will you deliver good governance. Which police reforms are the need of hour?
67Despite all efforts why police reforms are need forth.
68What is medial trial, Investigation journalism.
69Shouldn’t India switch bee to Presidentship form of govt.
70Does Indian Constitution need reform, if you which else?
71Which Fundamental Rights do you like the most & Why?
72What is doctrine of Pith & Substance
73What S.C. said in Raja Ram Sahas Roy case, it related with Indian Agency.
74What is Supreme Court’s opinion on Indian Agriculture
75Comment on impact of Globalisation in Indian Politics
76What do you understood by Criminal Justice Administration System in India.
77What is Propaganda Politics
78What is different between Leg Bill & Act
79Comment on the success of RTI
80What is comprehensive Anti Corruption framework
81Why CBI is labeled as govt. mouth piece.
82How do you see the role of media in elections ?
83What are the problems in the constructive role of media in elections in India
84what suggestions you wish to make for ensuring free and fair elections according to democratic ethos ?
85How can we strengthen student politics so as to generate genuine political leadership ?