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Economic Affairs

1 What is human development?
2 What do you know about the Human Development Index?
3 Why is India at such a low rank in HDI?
4 What are the factors affecting the economic development of a country?
5 What is the meaning of mixed economy?
6 What is the Malthusian theory of population?
7 Is India an overpopulated country?
8 What is the nature of unemployment in India?
9 What can be done to increase the investments in India?
10 How can we increase the savings?
11 But, in recent times and also in the recent Budget, the interest rates have been reduced, which reduce the propensity to save. So how is the savings going to be promoted?
12 Why is economic growth in India less despite high savings rate?
13 What are the present levels of poverty in India?
14 What do you think is the role of economic planning in today’s market economy?
15 What are the main problems in the Agricultural Price policy in India? What suggestions do you make for changing the agricultural price policy?
16 What major changes are required in the PDS system in India?
17 What do you think is the relevance of Small Scale Sector in the present world of multinational corporations and large firms? Do you think they would die a slow death?
18 Do you justify the dereservation of Small Scale Sector?
19 What do you think is the role of public sector in today’s context of private sector dominance?
20 What do you think of the recent disinvestment measures taken by the govt. of India? How can the disinvestment process be made smoother?
21 What major labour reforms are required in India? Won’t these labour reforms aggravate the unemployment problem in India?
22 We hear so much about globalisation these days. Can you give a short definition of the term?
23 Isn’t there a danger that the WTO will impose inappropriate reforms on developing countries in the name of globalisation?
24 Isn’t trade liberalisation just about the dismantling of barriers?
25 Who are the winners and the losers in this age of globalisation?
26 What are the challenges before Indian Economy?
27 Does growth automatically ensure employment?
28 What is the relation between saving rate and growth?
29 Which items are not required to be voted for in the Lok Sabha?
30 Why initially the reforms were focused on external sector
31 Speak negatively about Indian economy for one minute.
32 Speak positively about Indian economy for one minute.
33 Outline broad direction of reforms
34 What type of problems generally Underdeveloped and developing economies face?
35 What are Restrictions on the movement of agricultural commodities?
36 Should subsidies continue?
37 What was the adverse effect of result of The New Economic Policy and Agriculture?
38 What are various Input Subsidies in Indian Agriculture?
39 What are the Disadvantages of staying away from VAT.?
40 Why we are not still going for capital account convertibility.
41 What are challenges before Indian banking sector?
42 Outline the basic difference between the private and public banks
43 What is the advantage of universal banking?
44 Outline main problems of cooperative banks in India
45 We could not take advantage of cooperative movement. Comment
46 What are the advantage and disadvantages of MNCs
47 What is the rationale behind disinvesting profit making PSUs?
48 What should be social obligations of private sector?
49 Should the defence and space expenditure be reduced?
50 Why non plan revenue expenditure continues to be high.
51 What are recent trends in tax reforms?
52 What is government policy toward slums?
53 Is consumerism good for society?
54 Indian growth is more consumption led growth
55 What you will do if made the FM of India
56 How Indian economy has changed after independence.
57 Why is inflation persistently high despite measures? Discuss the causes of Increasing Food Inflation ? What are inflation index bonds
58 What are the reasons for stock market crash? What are reasons for the stock market boom ?
59 Why oil prices are showing such fluctuation?
60 What is the impact of global slow down on India