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International Affairs

1 Is Panchsheel relevant today? Are we following Panchsheel today?
2What is Gujral Doctrine? What is its relevance considering Indian-ASEAN ties ?
3 What are the major challenges before Indian foreign policy?
4 What are political parameters and guiding principles of Indian Foreign Policy?
5 What are the major challenges before Indian maritime security ?
6 What are the India efforts in the direction of energy security? Comment on the Nuclear energy in Particular
7 What are the problems in Indian way to become member of APEC?
8 Is NATO relevant today
9 Make a broad comparison between Indian and Chinese strengths? Do you think India can answer effectively the chinese infilitration in Kashmir and the North East ?
10 Should India mediate in Sri Lankan problem? What should be India's action towards the human rights violation against tamils in India
11 What is contain Indian policy of China? Does you think India-Japan Ties play a strong role in it
12 What is the Relevance of NAM in the present world? What is NAM 2.0
13 How can NAM be made more powerful? How can India play a driver’s role for making NAM a success?
14What is the relevance of SAARC? Is SAARC still meaningful Vis a Vis new organization?
15 How can SAFTA be made operational?
16 What is India’s look east policy?
17 What is the importance of ASEAN? Why is India so eager to join ASEAN?
18 Why ASEAN is not readily accepting India as a member of it?
19 Is U.N.O. becoming a pawn in the hands of U.S.A?
20 What are the major challenges before UNO?
21 Is the Triangular Partnership of China, Russia and India feasible? Why India is reluctant?
22 Should India be made a permanent member of the Security Council?
23 What change is needed to make UNO move effective?
24 How can India and Pakistan solve its problems?
25 What is the solution to Kashmir Problem?
26 Should “Line of Control” be converted into international boundary?
27 Should India have attacked the terrorists camps located in Pakistan the same way as America did?
28 Which are major irritants between India and Bangladesh?
29 What is diplomacy? Track I, Track II, Track III.
30 What are the problems in Nepal? How India is affected? What should be the Indian Solution according to you
31 What is the future of Afghanistan? What is the importance of Afghanistan for India? How should India contain the influence of Pakistan in Afghanistan
32 What is global terrorism? What is the root Cause of Terrorism? Discuss the
33 How this problem can be solved?
34 What are your views of Indo Russian relations in the light of changing US-India relations?
35 What is Tibet Problem?
36 What is the solution of Israel Palestine conflict?
37 What is Indian stand on Palestine issue
38 What is the problem with India Foreign policy?
39 What is ‘proactiveness’ and Pragmatism mean in Context of Indian foreign policy?
40 Is India a soft state when it comes to foreign policy
41 How improved relations between India and Pakistan will help both the countries
42 Is global village a reality?
43 What are the major areas of cooperation between India and European Union?
44Do you agree with the opinion of P5 nations that the world is more safer in the presence of nuclear weapons ?
45How cold war politics affected Indo-Pak relations ?