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1Military Thinkers have predicted the formation of a strategic triangle in Asian Region to balance the power at global level. Do you think the Ukraine Issue and improved relations between Russia China and India a beginning towards filling the power vacuum?
2Cyber Attacks are more dangerous than conventional or nuclear Attacks and are common in today’s international order. What is India’s cyber security preparedness to counter such a threat?
3 How will you build a co relation between Transnational Organised Crime and Terrorism?
4The Electronic media in order to get TRP mileage report sensitive and security issues which are not to be disclosed in public domain. Do you think this is high time to regulate the media? How social media and security are interlinked?
5Prashant Bhushan and other politicians have issued statements on J&K which have a lot of security implications on the internal peace and security. Do you think media should highlight such sensitive issues?
6Pakistan is always blamed for any internal security Breach, but recent catch of IM Ideologues and commanders call for an introspection in our internal security policy. What measures do you suggest for the same?
7Do you think formulation of NCTC is a productive counter insurgency measure? Why are the states opposing NCTC.
8 Suspension of Russia from G8 by US can disturb the international peace and security equilibrium, do you think this move of United States will give rise to a new international order.
9What should be India’s stance on Ukraine issue and why Chinas is silence on it?
10States interference in foreign policy issues weakens or dilutes India’s image in outside world. Do you this has some security implications on India’s security too.
11In what way Porous borders and border differences with our neighbours pose a challenge to internal and external security. Discuss various Initiatives taken by GOI for effective border management
12Arab spring and internal political disturbances have resulted in Human Migration. Draw linkages between human migration and peace and security.
13What are main internal security challenges faced by India?
14What are main external security challenges faced by India?
15What do you understand by border management?
16What are main development strategies which could be adopted to tackle naxalism?
17Should India amend its nuclear doctrine?
18What do you understand by term 'credible minimum deterrence'?
19Differentiate b/w nuclear umbrella, nuclear triad & nuclear bluff.
20What is inner line permit?
21What role science & technology plays in security management?
22Name satellites which were helpful in executing surgical strikes successfully.
23What are main maritime security challenges faced by India?
24What is string of pearls theory?
25What is money laundering? Suggest strategy to tackle black money menace.
26What are fifth generation fighter aircraft? What is main technology involved in their design?
27What is Rafale controversy? Give your views on issue.
28What is mandate of CISF/ITBP/SSB?
29What are main security issues associated with social media sites?
30List steps taken by India to establish a world leading drone ecosystem in India. Highlight major concerns which need to be addressed.
31What are non-traditional security threats faced by our nation?
32Will national security issues play a decisive role in 2019 general elections?
33Who is the chairman of National Security Council of India?
34Who was the first NSA of India?
35What are main provisions of Naga Accord?
36What role security agencies are playing in disaster management? Give specific examples
37One crore Nepalese have direct & indirect presence in India, Akhil bharat nepali ekta samaj has been declared a terrorist organization. What are security implications?
38What are main challenges faced by paramilitary forces?
39Which is oldest paramilitary forces of India? When was it constituted?
40What is naxalism problem? Give solution strategy to tackle it.
41Should AFSPA be revoked in J&K?
42What are non-state actors? What is their role?
43Should para-military personnel given status of martyr?
44What are main issues associated with OROP?
45What could be done to check politicization of military agencies?
46Should defence spending raised to meet hostile neighbors?
47For last 8 years, India has been world's biggest defence importer in the world. What can be done to change India's standing?
48List three highlights of new defence procurement policy?
49What are main cyber security challenges faced by India?
50List three major highlights of Cyber security policy.