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Lecture 1
Modern History- Muslim Reform Movements

Wahabi Movement; Aligarh Movement; Deoband Movement; Ahmadiya Movement; Ahrar Movement; Parsi Reform movement.

By- Ankush Kumar Sharma

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Lecture 2
Modern History- Revolutionary Activities

Phase-I: Activities Abroad- Gadar Movement, Komagata Maru incident etc.; Phase-II: HRA, HRSA, Kakori Conspiracy, Lohore Conspiracy, Chittagong Armory etc.

By- Ankush Kumar Sharma

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Lecture 3
Modern History- Acts: Regulating Acts; Charter Acts; Council Acts

Regulating Act 1773; Pitts of India Act 1784; Charter Act of 1893; Charter Act of 1813; Charter Act of 1833; Charter Act of 1853; Better govt. of India Act 1858; Indian Council Act 1861; Indian Council Act 1892; Minto-Morley Reforms 1909; Montague-Chelmsford Act 1919; Govt. of India Act 1935

By- Ankush Kumar Sharma

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Lecture 4
Modern History- Education system; Communism; Tribal and Peasant Movement

Wood’s Despatch, Hunter Commission, Wardha Report, main provisions of Acts and intention behind them; Formation of Communist Party of India; Kanpur conspiracy; Meerut Conspiracy; Causes for Tribal and Peasant Movements; Alternative Names; important sayings; Committees and commissions.

By- Ankush Kumar Sharma

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