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Lecture 1
Modern History : Lecture-1: Advent of British Rule and Uprising of 1857

Battle of Plassey; Battle of Buxar; Pre 1857 uprising

By- Ankush Kumar Sharma

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Lecture 2
Modern History : Lecture-2: Revolt of 1857; Formation of Congress

Revolt of 1857, various leaders of the revolt; Formation of Congress, Moderates and extremist

By- Ankush Kumar Sharma

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Lecture 3
Modern History: Lecture-3: Swadeshi Movement; Home Rule

Swadeshi movement: various perspectives, causes and effect , Surat split, Home rule movement and their leaders.

By- Ankush Kumar Sharma

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Lecture 4
Modern History: Lecture-4: Non- Cooperation to Civil Disobedience Movement

Non cooperation movement; Swaraj party, Simmon commission; Civil Disobedience, Quit India Movement, Partition of India

By- Ankush Kumar Sharma

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Lecture 5
Modern History: Lecture-5: Partition ; Social- Religious Reforms

Partition of India,Why British left India,Social and religious reform movements,Revolutionary

By- Ankush Kumar Sharma

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